What is PhotoReading?

Your Guide To PhotoReading

It’s not magic, it’s not speedreading, it’s not a trick.

It is, a powerful technique that enables you to blast through books, through your reading at amazing speeds and recall it with accuracy and ease.

Derren Brown & PhotoReading

Derren Brown is a top UK illusionist and entertainer, here you can see him using this technique – and you will be amazed at what happens towards the end!!

Click to play – you will be amazed!

Paul McKenna & PhotoReading

You may have seen Paul McKenna’s late night documentary on hypnosis some years ago. The programme showed Paul PhotoReading a novel that scrolled across a computer screen at over 200,000 words a minute – and he scored over 70% in a subsequent comprehension test.

If Paul McKenna can PhotoRead at 200,000 words a minutes after 10 minutes of teaching surely you can PhotoRead at 25,000 words a minute after 8 hours of audio training!

Paul writes about PhotoReading on page 81 of his new book, Paul McKenna’s Hypnotic Secrets.

Paul writes: “My colleague Paul Scheele has developed a way using a trance to make it possible for you to take in information at up to 690,000 words per minute. It is done by photographing the text of a page directly into the brain. Research has shown that anyone can learn to have an incredible memory, and whilst PhotoReading is not a memory technique, it is a way of processing huge volumes of information very quickly.

“A good analogy would be a country view. Traditional reading is like looking at each tree, bush, cloud, etc individually one at a time. PhotoReading is like looking at the scene all at once. Whilst you may miss the detail, you appreciate the entire view.

“Researcher Keith Fredericks at the top computer centre Cray Research Institute in Minnesota demonstrated a program which has given people the ability to read at such an incredible speed. It is not like reading as we normally understand it.

“He blends a 3D or ‘Magic Eye’ picture with a fast flowing text on a computer screen. While the conscious mind is captivated by the 3D picture, the unconscious mind takes in the scrolling text. I didn’t know how true his claims were, but it is certainly a fact that the unconscious mind can process two million pieces of information every second.

“I decided to put the program to the test myself. It was a very strange experience which made me feel a bit lightheaded. I sat in front of the screen for a minute watching words zip past my eyes. I hadn’t had time to take anything in at all, or so I thought, but when he [Paul Scheele] started asking me questions about the book afterwards I couldn’t believe how much I seemed to know.

“I scored 73% which was statistically well in excess of anything I could have achieved just by guessing. It is pretty clear to me from this that we don’t use anything like the full potential of our brains.

“You don’t need a computer to read the contents of a book at incredible speed. Paul Scheele teaches people to read a book while simply flicking through the pages, though he estimates that you only achieve a speed of 25,000 words like this. All this shows that the unconscious mind is stronger, and more mysterious, than most of us understand.”

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