At LifeTools we have a wide range of resources for personal and business life change; from brain retraining to executive meditation devices, from life coaching support techniques to business growth resources.  A full range of free books, reports and audio items to high end products for those who want to make a large investment into changing their lives.

Successful people don’t wait – they spend money, time and effort on their own growth because they know without doubt it will pay off – for themselves and everyone around them.

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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming Mastery Experience


Meditation, relaxation & learning devices

MindLab Proteus Meditation Relaxation Machine


Read at 21,000 words a minute with ease..and more

PhotoReading Course

Smoke Free

And over 30 other titles to help you with new beginnings

Give Up Smoking - Go Smoke Free - retrain your brain

Effort Free Life System

Make life changes with effortless goals, the complete system

Get what you want in life, work or relationships by getting over the effort and setting your goals

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LifeTools Personal Development & Classics

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Business Start Up Support Guides

Business guides are for those:

  • Thinking of starting a business
  • In the process of starting a business
  • Running a small business and wanting to develop it
  • 100% Free
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  • Contains ‘discount’ vouchers in a unique partnership
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Business Resources

Business Genius Home Study Course

Business Genius

24 Business Genius people from product creators, public speakers, business creators and wealth makers all share insights and tips into how they created their own business.  A study guide also comes with this so you can get inspired.  You would never get a chance to speak to them all, but we have done it for you, look inside and see what all the fuss is about.

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LifeTools Digital Website & Marketing Agency

Hosting & Marketing

We have a special combined unique service.  Anyone can host a website or knock up a simple website? Or can they? Anyone can market a website so both the SEO and the marketing work in harmony?  Or can they?  At LifeTools we work from the bottom up to get both your website good and your business better with our unique specialist small business marketing system we attached to every business we host and promote.

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Joint Venture Opportunities

Joint Venture Opportunities

Do you have a product you want to create in conjunction with LifeTools?  Do you have a business with some complimentary products and you would want to be on our feature page?  We also run an affiliate scheme should you want to be a ‘JV earner and promoter’ to increase your income.  Contact us today, we look forward to hearing from you and starting something new.

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Magnetic Marketing

This was one of the first home study marketing courses.  It goes from A-Z, totally comprehensive,  100% inspirational and stands the test of time. The information is dynamite and the ideas can easily generate business growth and loyalty. The introduction is free and so are the ideas that will come from it, but beware, it’s powerful!

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Business in a Box

Want to start a business?  With or without stock?  With or without a customer base?  On-line or on the high street?  Our business in a box helps and guides you into setting up the business you want, with lots of ideas, guides, plans and resources to get you going. Have a look now and see the start-up training video inside.

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Effort Free course

Effort Free Life System

Ever wonder why some people into relationships easily, find starting a new job or business easy, seem to have a happy accepting outlook?  It’s all about taking a couple of minutes out each day to follow some very simple steps that can help create huge leaps forward.  Free interviews and books tell you all about it.

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MindLab Procyon LlifeTools Meditation Kit

MindLab Procyon