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At LifeTools we are on about providing the best products and services to help you in your personal development, relationship development, fitness & health development, business development and more. Recently we have been turning these into a range of free training courses and coaching packages to give 1 on 1 support.

We aim to source or provide services which are not only used and tested by us, but in which we can provide as much support as possible so you get the most out of it, and not just retail as many as possible with no first-hand knowledge of them or support facility.

Chris Payne was the MD of LifeTools many years ago and you will see some of his endorsements on the products.  These have been kept as they are wonderful testimonial (first hand) reviews of the products and the impact they had on him (and our customers, from then until now). Now Nigel Singer owns and runs LifeTools and has developed a lot of the new training courses and business support packages.  Other reviews and customer names were given freely with permission and have been reproduced as per permissions.


If you:

a.  Find anything on our site that is out of date, broken linked or not downloading/functioning, or,

b.  If you have any media/PR related question or are from a news agency wishing to trial/test any product/services, or,

c.   If you have a product you with to trial with LifeTools or wish to JV with us (product endorsement, new product creation or joint marketing), or,

d.  Any other matters, then please use the CONTACT FORM (live link) or above.  We no longer display active email addresses on our site.


The money-back guarantee will be listed in the ‘information pages’ on the product where applicable (and only relevant to this site, not the other sites above), but the 30 day money-back guarantee means that you have 60 days from receipt of the product to have it returned to Lifetools, any product received after the 30 day period can only be refunded with prior agreement with any of the Directors (contact as per above). Certain products do not carry a guarantee where as the MP3 home study courses (such as the PhotoReading & Effort Free Life) do carry the money-back guarantee. We encourage you to read the information page to check for a guarantee before you make your final purchase.

If you need to return your goods under the money-back guarantee then please do so to the address below. If we feel that the goods have been deliberately damaged or there has been a breach of copyright (e.g. by duplicating the material and then returning it) then we reserve the right not to honour the money-back guarantee. Your terms under the Distant Selling Regulations for on-line transactions are not void unless we feel there has been any abuse of copying digital/physical information product.

IMPORTANT: If you are returning anything we recommend you do so using a recorded/registered service. We cannot be held liable for anything lost in the postage. Please obtain your proof of delivery as soon as you can as you can then contact us with that information should you need to follow up on your refund.

LifeTools Corporation Ltd t/a LifeTools: is a UK registered company

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