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Bringing all of the resources on our website all into one handy page so you can find everything in an easy glance.

New items are coming out, training films are being recorded and new items added over time.  To keep informed when the page is updated, just sign up below and we will contact you with the new content so you get first notification!

List 1 of Guides, eBooks & Audio Material

Research on light and sound –  your FREE copy of the full 15,000-word scientific report on the effectiveness of the MindLab light and sound machines

Free MindLab Proteus sessions – free Sample sessions for MindLab Proteus owners

MindLab Proteus frequencies & sessions PDF – information and guide sheet on the machine session and frequencies they use

17 ways to reduce stress – guide and tips on reducing stress

18 techniques for faster learning – need tips and techniques on faster learning? This guide will help

23 steps to deeper sleep – tips and techniques on getting into a healthy comforting deep sleep

Better results with PhotoReading – for PhotoReading owners – as used by Paul McKenna, Dynamo, Derron Brown and more…READ HERE

How to solve problems quickly – thinking outside of the box – looking at problems from a different angle? Tips and clues

New strategies for PhotoReaders – other support techniques for PhotoReaders to help you get past blockages and master your reading

As A Man Thinketh by James Allen – classic timeless publication, you become what you think! Be careful, it may change how you think…

Paul Scheele Paraliminal 60 Minute Interview – Paul Scheele talks about how he created this technology and takes Q&As from customers – has some revealing insights as to how powerful they can be with real life examples

Spice Girl – Mel B – using a MindLab – from our Newsletter, a Spice Girl, East 17 and other celebrities using the MindLab and other news on LifeTools products.

List 2 of Guides, eBooks & Audio Material

100 Top Quotes from The Secret – some great insights and challenges to get more out of life

How To Gain Confidence – 33 pages of useful advise, tips and stories designed to help you gain more confidence

How To Improve Self-Confidence – 59 page book on how to improve your self-confidence with some great insights and simple daily changes

Message of a Master – from the same house as ‘As a Man Thinketh’ – a personal development challenging book

Seven Steps to a Winning Life – how to get from where you are to where you want to be with some good advise and practical steps

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