Paraliminal Recordings

Paraliminal – Access the power of your inner mind

State-of-the-art Paraliminal CDs could bring dramatic, positive behaviour change.

Paraliminal CDs are unlike any CDs you may have experienced — they’re carefully designed to work simultaneously with both sides of your brain. So you’ll hear one voice in one ear speaking to one part of your brain, while at the same time hearing another voice in your other ear addressing a different part.

Very unusual, very pleasurable and very effective.
A precise blend of music and voices increases your personal power and stimulates change, using state-of-the-art digital recording techniques to produce a truly 3D sound that appeals to both hemispheres of your brain – including the wonderful Holysync technology (see Centerpointe product).

There are no questionable subliminal messages on these CDs. You’ll find no short-term motivational hype. You won’t hear affirmations or wishful positive statements. Instead you’ll hear Paul Scheele skillfully guide your inner mind so you get the results you want.

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