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Improve ANY aspect of your life in 20 minutes a day – even while you’re sleeping!

Weight – Procrastination – Self-sabotage – Memory – New Skills – Schoolwork – Problems Anxiety – Cigarettes – Negative beliefs – Recalling Dreams – Stress – Love – Health – Relationships – Self-Esteem – Energy – Sex – Aging – Prosperity – Career Breakthrough – Exercise – Debt – The Past – Goals – Time – Fear of success – Money – Bad Habits – Creativity – Longing for something – Negative Self-talk

It’s so simple…
1) Pick the result you want,
2) Pick a title from a list of 22 titles, and
3) Listen through headphones or a pillow speaker…
…then lie back to let the changes happen!

Dear Friend,

It’s true! You can experience remarkable change in as little as 20 minutes with Paraliminal recordings, created by Paul Scheele, developer of the PhotoReading Whole Mind System, and many other courses.

Simply select a title, such as Prosperity, Memory Supercharger or Perfect Health, then…

…as your recording plays through your headphones, you will hear one voice in one ear speaking to one part of your brain, while another voice in your other ear speaks to a different part of your brain. All to activate your “whole mind” with an exacting blend of music and words.

Your conscious mind finds it difficult to process 2 voices speaking simultaneously, so it shuts down, putting you into a deeply relaxed, clear-headed state – which leaves your unconscious mind to absorb the instructions and messages at a deep level.

Very unusual, pleasurable, and effective.

“I am extremely delighted with the sessions I have received from your company, especially Deep Relaxation which made me feel as if I was on a very relaxing holiday (utter bliss). I consider the Paraliminals to be the Rolls Royce of audio programmes and the best that money can buy.” – Harry Lyon, Yorkshire

The secret to the Paraliminals lies in the genius of Paul Scheele, an acclaimed expert in the fields of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, whole mind learning, and pre-conscious processing. Each recording was painstakingly crafted using state-of-the-art digital recording equipment to produce a soothing 3D sound that allows music, voices and nature sounds to project spatially in your head.

There are no “questionable” subliminal messages on your recordings. Paul also doesn’t consider them ‘hypnotic inductions’. You will find no short-term motivational hype. You will not hear fluffy affirmations or wishful positive statements. Rather, you will hear Paul gently guide your mind so that you get the results you want – all while you are taking a break!

At the beginning of your listening session, answer to the best of your ability any questions that Paul asks about your intent. This will focus your mind to respond in a powerful way. Then let go and relax.

Now with Holosync signals
You may own or have heard of the massively popular Centerpointe meditation recordings. What makes these items so effective is the Holosync signals encoded into the audio – a sophisticated set of ‘binaural beats’ to get both sides of your brain working in sync at an optimal level for personal change.

Well now these Holosync audio tones are embedded into all the Paraliminal recordings! If you listen very carefully, you’ll hear quiet tones behind the pristine recording of each Paraliminal. These multi-level Holosync tones have a very precise effect by creating states in your mind that include deep meditation, increased creativity, focus and concentration, and accelerated learning ability.

Holosync use creates new neural pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres, balancing the brain, enhancing mental/ emotional health, improving mental functioning and self-awareness, and healing unresolved emotional problems.

Paul Scheele worked closely with Bill Harris, the founder of Centerpointe and creator of Holosync, to make sure you get the perfect combination of Paraliminals and Holosync. Paul’s sound engineer, working under the close eyes of the Centerpointe engineer, carefully applied Holosync to all of the 22 Paraliminals.

If you are not happy about every aspect of your life, then use Paraliminals now.  Paraliminals can help you make peaceful changes so that you are happy and satisfied without a major time commitment. Most Paraliminal sessions are 20 minutes.

You might listen to a session first thing in the morning. Or during your lunch break. Or when you arrive home for the day. Or just before bed. Whenever you can find a few minutes, you will find benefit.

Here’s why you should use them…
Reason 1 – It takes only 20 minutes

There is nothing to study. No homework. No exercises. Just take 20 minutes. Listen to a Paraliminal and your powerful inner mind will do the rest, almost magically.

It won’t take six hours, or 12 hours, or 24 hours like other self-study programmes. Just 20 minutes.

And best of all, you don’t have to concentrate when listening. After the brief introduction you can let your mind wander. You can even fall asleep! At night you can play the new Paraliminal Sleep Tracks to make effort-free changes while sleeping. How easy is that?!

Reason 2 – New high performance mental technology

As mentioned above, Paraliminals now come with trademark “Holosync” technology. When listened to with stereo headphones, Holosync audio technology from Centerpointe Research Institute creates the electrical brainwave patterns to make the Paraliminals more powerful.

“I bought a few of the new Paraliminal recordings with Holosync added. They’re wonderful! The average time of a Paraliminal is about 15-20 minutes, but the information, quality and results from such a short recording is amazing. The 10-Minute Supercharger, doesn’t quite get you “up” like caffeine would, but in 10 minutes (it feels more like a half-hour power nap when listening), I definitely was more awake and focused and relaxed. I was groggy and a bit testy beforehand. In 10 minutes I really did feel different. They’re enjoyable, quick, and they really do work.” – Robert Gottlieb

Hundreds of thousands of people have used the remarkable Paraliminals for almost everything imaginable since the classic Paraliminal titles were first launched in 1988, and now it is time to get the new and improved recording editions of the favourite Paraliminals in The Ultimate You Library.

What you need… when you need it
Imagine owning the complete collection of Paraliminals – The Ultimate You Library – displayed side by side in the special bookshelf presentation box. Imagine running your fingers along each of the items as you see the 22 titles float by: 10-Minute Supercharger, Personal Genius, Anxiety Free, Get Around To It, Memory Supercharger, New Behaviour Generator, Youthful Vitality… Imagine saying, “Yes, this is the perfect session for me right now.”

You relax in your favourite chair or on your bed and close your eyes for the blissful Paraliminal experience. You wake knowing that the results you seek are already beginning to manifest in your life.

Plus… anyone in your family can use them – even children from the age of 13.

“My Ultimate You Library arrived yesterday and I listened to Perfect Health last night. I had so much pain in my back yesterday, and it was difficult finding a comfortable position. After listening to the recording, I immediately felt better and still feel so much better this morning! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful program! I look forward to listening to the other titles and know that they too will be of benefit.” – Ann Curry

One MILLION sales of Paraliminals!
Almost one million Paraliminals have been snapped up, which means that hundreds of thousands of people already own them. You, like them, know that if you do not do something for yourself, no one else will do it for you. If you want to change, you have to do it. If you want to fix a problem, you have to do it. If you need a boost, you must do it. But the Paraliminals make the process easy, enjoyable, and effective.

Paul Scheele skillfully crafted these tools, choosing each word carefully, working hours and hours with the composer so that the music perfectly fits the moment – to ensure you receive the results easily and as effortlessly as possible. Paraliminals can help you create a life in which you always look forward to waking each morning.

How to get 12 Paraliminals FREE!

When you order The Ultimate You Library of Paraliminals you save 55% off the price of the individual Paraliminals. That’s like getting 12 titles free!

Each individual recording costs £19.95. The full retail price of the 22 titles is £438.90 – but you can get them all for £299.99! That’s a saving of £138.91!

In other words, you’ll get 22 titles for the price of 15!

Each Paraliminal comes in a standard “jewel” case like most music – or you can download an MP3. Each Paraliminal includes a 20-page booklet with tips, insights, and different approaches to help you get even more benefit from the product. Paul shares his personal journey in creating the programmes. You’ll know how he poured his heart and soul into the recordings during the 5 years it took him to create the original collection.

Personally, I can’t wait for you to get The Ultimate You Library with all 22 Paraliminals and the handy bookshelf case to keep your collection neat and organised.

Get 2 FREE Gifts!
If you order today – or within the next 15 days – we’ll give you up to 2 free gifts! When you order The Ultimate You Library, we’ll send you:

GIFT 1: A Deluxe upgrade worth; a guide & worksheet designed to help you get the most out of your titles £19.95.

GIFT 2: This gift comes with The Ultimate You Library: we’ve called it the Paraliminal Special Reports. You’ll find ‘menus’ of the best Paraliminals to use for particular situations. For example…

  • the best 3 titles for optimising your studying time; 5 additional titles to help you boost self-confidence as well as Self-Esteem Supercharger – and the different way each of them hones in on particular areas such as vapourising self-sabotage.
  • 7 Paraliminals you can use to improve particular areas of sports performance
  • the 4 Paraliminals that can help you gain more energy – and why

Then CLICK HERE and place your order.

In other words, if you place your order right now, you could have your own collection in your hands tomorrow!!

Then you’ll experience similar results to Mr P. Bennett…

“I suffered with panic attacks for about 25 years. Getting up in front of people was something I could never do. After listening to Anxiety Free I knew I felt much better. I didn’t realise how much better until this morning. I went up in front of about 200 people to receive an award at work. I could not believe how comfortable I was. Also I did not spend the preceding weeks worrying about it. Your CD has been a blessing. I just wanted to thank you. I can’t wait to see the results I receive from the other CDs I bought from you!! Thank you again.”

I’m sure you can see now why we say that Paraliminals are “self-growth for busy people” – they’re phenomenal tools for you to whisk away your troubles at the push of a button, so that you can get more from your life.

My warmest regards,

P.S. Remember if you order Ultimate You Library you’ll be getting…
o 22 titles for the price of 15
o 2 free gifts
o next day delivery (if you order Monday to Thursday) or immediate download access.
o 30-day money-back guarantee
o all 2 free gifts to keep in the unlikely event that you return the Library within 30 days

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