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*All Entries Win A Prize*

LifeTools November 2023 Prize Draw

Value £500

All Entrants Get:
1. Feng-Shui introduction guide
2. £20 voucher*

To enter!

  1. If you haven’t done a like and share of our social page, please visit our page here, like it and do a share of the prize post.
  2. Use the button below and answer a 60 second survey – your email address will then be registered into the draw.
  3. Wait!

The Survey Terms

  1. Tell us why you would like to improve in your life if you should win.
  2. Tell us if any other training will be of use to you.
  3. Provide your name & email address.
  4. You will get a follow up confirmation message – if you do not get anything, look in your spam/junk folder.
  5. You will also benefit from other prize draws in the future and can enter as many as you like, but only 1 entry per prize.

From time to time we will run ONE off quizzes and fun things with prizes; you can build up points, rewards and earn!

Prizes will vary from courses, training, access to services, coaching, products and more relating to what we do at LifeTools (training, personal development, wellness, business training and we partner with our Digital Agency).

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1. The value may differ by a slight amount, but is near to within 5% of the stipulated value!
2. If we feel there has been any breach of terms or conditions, prizes may be withheld.
3. No cash alternatives are offered or available, products are not subject to returns or exchange.
4. You need to sign up each draw to enter that specific competition by doing a social share of this prize page and then filling the form that pops up! If the form doesn’t pop up, you will get a ‘this competition is now closed’.
5. When you sign up, you will be enrolled to our newsletter. This is how we will inform everyone of the winners and following prize draw.
6. Any prizes not claimed by the next time will be lost, they will be accessed via a token discounting 100% but time limited.
7. If you want a physical product then shipping charges will apply, at this point you can choose to accept or refuse – should your name be drawn.
8. Draws will all take place within a week after the competition closing and winners will be notified soon after.
9. Winners may have their details shared on email/social media to entrants in general and any marketing that may occur, please do not enter if you wish to remain anonymous.

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