Magnetic Marketing

The Original, Best Selling, Information Marketing Course

This course is a powerful marketing course that is 100% full of ideas, case samples and hard print copies with templates you can just apply to your own business.

When I was driving to work and I put the first recording in the car and listened to it, I was blown away!  After listening to the tracks every day for a week so many ideas were brimming and flowing over it was unbelievable.  Never before had listening to a leading expert with a huge amount of experience seems to download and share ideas like a casual conversation.  Each nugget of information is explosive and just triggers off ideas on how you can market your business.

The ideas are all about simple things that are vital to a business:

  • How to win new customers
  • How to retain customers
  • How to up-sell to customers
  • How to cross-sell to customers
  • How to add value to existing products
  • Ideas for promotions and campaigns
  • How to market with other businesses
  • How to joint venture
  • Ideas that succeed
  • Tactics that fail – ones to avoid!

This information was recorded in a pre-internet age, but everything applies exactly the same.

Human psychology has not changed.  How your customers respond to adverts, to offers, to being treated well and given incentives does not change.  The way it is delivered has changed.  On-line ads ‘v’ printed ads.  Email copy ‘v’ physical letters.  But people still run their businesses from shops, garages, office blocks, homes, sheds, garages and all manner of places, even virtual as well!

Marketing has not changed and some of the best and most powerful and effective techniques are still the ones that are copied the most today – and that is Magnetic Marketing.

This is the original recording.  At LifeTools we paid £10000 to have the distributor rights to resell this to our customers and site visitors – it is the same version AND we are making the first part of it FREE to YOU today.

Totally powerful!

We have combined it with a marketing list and check-sheet along with our marketing business arm, to help you get the most of the ideas and ways to implement them in your business.  Each business will take different nuggets of information from this course.

The first recording is totally free, it gives you ideas from the outset.  Let’s you have a feel of how the whole course is going to inspire you and, will, get ideas bouncing off the walls that surround you from the outset.

Sign up to get your free introduction recording, complete a 1 minute survey on your business.  This is aimed at business people, those wanting to start a business or those who help market small businesses. We will then send you this inspiring business lesson!

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