Wellness Within Spa Membership

We have teamed up with Wellness Within, a personal development, health, mindfulness, fitness and lifestyle ‘Online Members Spa’ to make a unique offer to our LifeTools Subscribers!

Anyone who subscribes to our free members list – newsletter, offers, support and more – will get a voucher for this!

Normally all members join under a 7 day free trial and get to use the whole spa, test out the areas, courses, treatment rooms and more before paying!

Well you have DOUBLE that – a whole TWO WEEKS – 14 DAYS – access for free.

Look at what you will get!

Your Four Key Areas Inside Your Wellness With

In each Wellness Within room, you’ll have access to your training manuals, guided plans and guest expert coaching.

You’ll soon discover that each room has interactive elements, designed to help you engage in as many of your senses as possible for each session, lesson, training or challenge.

And there are more rooms and areas for you to explore. Have a look at the Spa video & be inspired!

To access these areas, treatment rooms within and much more – sign up below and we will email over a TWO WEEK discount code for you and the address to go to! It is as simple as that.

Wellness Within & LifeTools in partnership helping our customers get a little bit more.

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