Paraliminal Access Your Inner Mind

State-of-the-art Paraliminal recordings could bring dramatic, positive behaviour change

Paraliminal recordings are unlike any recording you may have experienced — they’re carefully designed to work simultaneously with both sides of your brain. So you’ll hear one voice in one ear speaking to one part of your brain, while at the same time hearing another voice in your other ear addressing a different part.

Very unusual, very pleasurable and very effective.
A precise blend of music and voices increases your personal power and stimulates change, using state-of-the-art digital recording techniques to produce a truly 3D sound that appeals to both hemispheres of your brain – including the wonderful Holysync technology (see Centerpointe product).

There are no questionable subliminal messages on these recordings. You’ll find no short-term motivational hype. You won’t hear affirmations or wishful positive statements. Instead you’ll hear Paul Scheele skillfully guide your inner mind so you get the results you want.

Paul is an expert in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP: the new psychology of excellence), whole mind learning and pre-conscious processing, and he puts all of his talents into each carefully crafted recording.
Occasionally you meet someone who can change your life — Paul, with his unique combination of the latest technology and the most effective verbal techniques, is such a person.

Many of our customers say that these are the most effective recordings they have ever used. Judge for yourself. Purchase a set today with the confidence of knowing you may return the recordings within 30 days for a complete refund. You’ll soon know why our customers keep coming back for more titles. If you have any questions, give us a ring during office hours.

How to listen to Paraliminal CDs

Each recording comes with full instructions — call us if you have any additional questions. the recordings start working as soon as you hear them, and continue working beneath your conscious mind. they average 20 minutes so you do not have to spend a lot of time to make the changes you desire. To get the full effect, we recommend using stereo headphones — or feeding through a mind machine (for most people these recordings then become even more effective).

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Gain freedom from fear & anxieties

If anxieties about your job, family, relationship, finances, or any aspect of your life get the better of you, then pick up this item. Anxiety-Free will help free you from emotional bondage so you can deal better with challenges.
It helps eliminate uncomfortable feelings of fear so you can get control of: stagefright, pressure, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of flying, fear of loss, fear of rejection… almost any fear can be controlled.
Anxiety-Free: £19.95

Acquire new behaviours or neutralise those you don’t want

If we had to choose just one title to spend the rest of our lives with, the New Behaviour Generator would be it. In fact it’s two recordings in one.
With the first side you can easily neutralise or reframe behaviours that block your success. You’ll either eliminate those unwanted behaviours entirely or diminish the negative or hindering effects they have on your life.
Side two lets you use the New Behaviour Generator to acquire almost any new behaviour.  The recording will guide you in developing an awareness of the behaviour and setting a goal that embodies it. You’ll also learn to model yourself on someone who has demonstrated this behaviour. Gradually this behaviour becomes your own…
All this takes place on a deep, inner level, after listening to the recording just a few times. So experience your true power to make personal change. Get this recording today!

“I ordered the New Behaviour Generator as soon as I heard about it, and it exceeded my expectations. It has freed me from blocks and
has helped me in my personal development.”
— L. Shrader
New Behaviour Generator: £19.95

Enter the deepest state of relaxation
Deep Relaxation can help calm the mind, diminish stress, eliminate fatigue, and revitalise the physical body. You can soon be physically, mentally, and emotionally peaceful on a very deep level.
Become immersed in a realisation of your inner talents. Stress flows from your body as you enjoy excursions into the deepest relaxation imaginable.
Deep Relaxation: £19.95

Create new solutions in your life
When you are stuck and need a new solution to a problem, use the New Option Generator. This creativity and problem-solving recording will help you discover workable options when faced with a dilemma, a double bind, or a seemingly no-win situation. You can generate successful options in how you think, feel and act, creating new paths to a richer life.
New Option Generator: £19.95

Sharpen and utilise your perfect memory
Tremendously increase your ability to remember facts, principles, details and theories. With the Memory Supercharger, you’ll develop the ability to concentrate on reading or dialogue, remembering what you’ve read, heard, and seen.
You’ll sharpen your memory and hone your ability to use your brain. It can be a lifesaver on sluggish days. Students could improve their test scores immediately! Combine it with Personal Genius to become a super learner.
Memory Supercharger: £19.95

Reach and maintain your ideal weight without fad diets
Say goodbye to the roller coaster of dieting forever with the Ideal Weight title. Discover your body’s natural signals that tell you when to start eating, when to stop, and which foods to eat. the recording has been designed to help you change 1% of your body weight each week. You listen 20 minutes each day for eight days, then listen once a week until you reach your ideal weight. After that you should maintain it naturally as you enjoy an optimal balance in your diet.
Ideal Weight: £19.95
Be effortlessly compelled to achieve
Are you tired of putting things off? Are you frustrated by delaying tasks? Have you found yourself in trouble for procrastinating? Do you want to get motivation in your life? then order the Get Around To It today. You can conquer procrastination and motivate yourself to act. You will do things you’ve been putting off… guaranteed!
“I have had my new recording, Get Around To It, less than 24 hours, and already I know it has had a very helpful effect. It sounds like it was made specifically for me and the issue I have been neglecting. I immediately have a new enthusiasm as I now face my task. And the music is great. Thank you for the positive effect you have had on my life.” — SM Hendrickson
Get Around To It: £19.95

Turn on personal magnetism for poise, charm and sex appeal
Have you noticed how some people glow with beauty… how they have a presence that says they are someone special…how they exude charm? That is personal magnetism at work.
With Instantaneous Personal Magnetism you turn on your own magnetic energies. You and others will notice a change right away.
As you listen on a regular basis, your newly discovered magnetism will become more and more a part of your everyday self. Soon it will be automatic.
Instantaneous Personal Magnetism: £19.95

Program and direct your dreams
Dreams are a source of tremendous personal wealth. Through them you can gain access to inner strength, inspiration and creative genius. Explore your vast, uncharted dream world with Dream Play — to discover how dreams can work for you. With mastery of your dreams comes mastery of your life.
Dream Play: £19.95
Enjoy health and well-being
Enhance your psychological and emotional states to positively affect your immune system, tolerance for pain, recovery from illness/injury, and level of health. Let Perfect Health direct your mind to be a powerful ally of your wellbeing. (Do not use this recording in lieu of proper medical treatment.)
Perfect Health: £19.95

Rejuvenate yourself
If you feel that the years are catching up with you, then get this title today. Youthfulness will help rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. It will help bring back traits of youth and ward off the development of physical, mental and emotional mindsets of being old. It may not be a Fountain of Youth, but it may be the next best thing!
Youthfulness: £19.95

Attract or improve relationships
We all want strong, loving, rich and satisfying relationships — this recording will help you attain them. Whether it’s current relationships you want to improve, interpersonal conflicts you wish to resolve or new relationships you desire to enjoy, this will help you on your way.
So if you would like to interact with others in a more positive way, if you want to attract loving and supportive individuals, give this a try.
Relationships: £19.95

Bring abundance and prosperity into any area of your life
Use the power of your inner mind to attract exactly what you want. Use it to find new homes, help relationships, expand your wardrobe, play sport better, and more. Prosperity can turn on your power to attract goodness, abundance and prosperity in any area of your life. Additionally, the recording will help fade unwanted beliefs and thoughts that hinder this power from fully benefiting you. As always, you get our complete satisfaction guarantee…that’s abundance from the start!
Prosperity: £19.95

Eliminate negative self-talk
Automatic Pilot uses your inner mind to automatically guide you to your goals as you function with peak efficiency. You’ll clear internal conflicts and build commitment, eliminating self-sabotage and negative self-talk. Discover how joy can flow into your life
Automatic Pilot: £19.95

Build confidence and feel better about yourself
Face life’s challenges with a strong belief in yourself. Improve your willpower, determination, and stamina.  Build confidence and self-assuredness.
Feel better about yourself with the Self-Esteem Supercharger by removing the negative influences of other people, situations, or your own self-talk. With high self-esteem you’ll discover pleasant feelings of peacefulness and impending success. You can accomplish anything with the proper use of your mind.
“the Self-Esteem Supercharger is wonderful! It does much more than the name implies. You don’t have to be down to listen to the CD, you just need a desire to go higher up.  The recording provides a stepping stone from the old, limited person to rebirth as a new, higher, more powerful person. It is like touching the monolith in 2001: A Space Odyssey, seeing the lightbulb and feeling the infusion of power through a catharsis. Listening to the recording made me feel like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon, spreading its wings, and soaring to new heights. Thank you very much.”– C Michel
Self-Esteem Supercharger: £19.95

Energise and become mentally alert in just 10 minutes
Get full energy and productivity all day long… and into your evening. You may never suffer the negative consequences of low energy again, because you can energise in minutes by using the 10-Minute Supercharger.
Supercharge before a presentation or an important meeting. Supercharge after sport. Supercharge when the clock says 4 pm but it feels like midnight. Supercharge after a flight, at a motorway service station, or whenever you feel yourself dragging.
“This gives me an opportunity to give you a rave review. the 10-Minute Supercharger is unbelievably effective, so good that I want to buy one for my son, who is a workaholic.” — E Clark
10-Minute Supercharger: £19.95

Change memories and emotions from the past
Things from the past need not adversely affect you any more. You can actually change memories and their emotional impact. You still learn from the memories, but they will no longer negatively affect your life.
If you are troubled by past business, relationships, sicknesses, schooling, family situations, chemical dependency, abuse, and so on, you need this title. You can finally change your past to release your new future.
New History Generator: £19.95

Use your true, natural genius
Use your dynamic imagination and powerful inner resources to draw on and build your personal genius. Listen to Personal Genius before studying, learning languages, writing, problem solving, using new equipment, playing sports, or musical instruments.
You’ll tap into your brain’s profound capacity to learn, accessing your whole brain and entering the flow state.
Personal Genius: £19.95

Change beliefs that get in the way

We all have beliefs which get in the way of day-to-day accomplishments. If you believe you can’t do something for any reason, you can change this belief, freeing you to do what you want. Things that held you back in the past can disappear.
Let Belief help change outdated limitations and install new, positive beliefs that create a lifetime of ‘yes I can’ possibilities.
Belief: £19.95

And there’s more…
• Effortlessly cut back or give up smoking for good, without negative side effects, with Smoke-Free. £19.95
• Take time out from the hustles and hassles of daily life and bring love, joy, and peace into your life all year long with Holiday Cheer. This is the perfect recording for when you want a break. £19.95
• And finally all of the new titles such as Creating Sparks, Focus & Concentration, Happy for no Reason, Living the Law of Attraction and many more all at £19.95

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