Smoke Free Paraliminal


This digital download product means you can have Instant Access to start Immediately. (Some CDs remain, you can choose them if they are a drop down option).

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This is a 3 week course with an immediate impact, it comes with audio tracks (which you use with Stereo headphones in a relaxed place) and a workbook for you to go through for guidance and structure.

DELUXE version available – CLICK HERE to view.

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Smoke Free Paraliminal

Effortlessly cut back or give up smoking

You may have tried vaping, reading a book or just will power yet you still struggle?  Why?  Easy, you have tried to kill the desire but not kill the ‘program’ in your mind. Retrain and replace your program and you will find yourself with a new outlook, a smoke free one.

The healthy life-style of a nonsmoker can be attained in just 20 minutes a day. Listen to Session A daily until you are ready to go cold turkey, then listen to Session B for two to three weeks for soothing reinforcement. No other method works better.

Smoke-Free has the highest customer satisfaction of all of the titles!


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