PhotoReading Introduction

Never again find yourself drowning in a sea of information!….

Learn the revolutionary secrets to instantly absorb books at 25,000 words a minute, dramatically increase your comprehension, and boost your brainpower with..


(It’s so astonishingly effective, it even transformed a painfully slow word-by-word reader into a lightning-fast reading specialist)

Dear friend,

Are you overwhelmed by the increasing number of books, reports, magazines, newspapers and emails you have to read everyday?

Do you feel you’re missing out on reading the latest books in your field, the hottest top sellers, or the best self-improvement titles because you don’t have the time?…
… or embarrassed when you go to gatherings and find yourself awkwardly standing silent because you are not well read enough to contribute to the discussions?

Many people – even average readers – find themselves struggling in these situations. So much so that with today’s deluge of information, poor readers who don’t have the time and mental energy to read are greatly disadvantaged.

Did you know that according to research, superior readers can earn two and a half times as much as average readers? That means a salary of £75,000 instead of the £30,000 average readers must live with!

Now, instead of struggling in these situations, wouldn’t you love to…

 Consume vast amounts of information as easily as drinking a glass of nourishing water?

 Be more relaxed and energetic, as if a weight had been lifted from your shoulders – free from a backlog of exhausting reading tasks?

 Become an expert in any field in a fraction of the usual time and impress your boss, relatives, or even your neighbours with your newfound expertise?

 Feel confident to handle any verbal encounter successfully because you’re knowledgeable enough to discuss any subject thoroughly?

 Gain a competitive advantage in business by becoming a reading specialist who can absorb information quickly and use it stay one or more steps ahead?

If so, then read on!

Eye-opening revelations of a painfully slow word-by-word reader

A number of years ago I felt desperate. I had piles of books lying around, and stacks of reports, magazines and articles to read.

I became so fed up that I learned to speed read. Unfortunately, it didn’t change anything for me. I only got moderate results, and soon after learning it, I quickly reverted to my usual reading habits.

Then I heard about PhotoReading. Supposedly you could learn how to blast through books at 25,000 words per minute – which was 125 times faster than my painfully slow normal speed of 200 words per minute – and learn how to do it in as little as eight hours.

This seemed utterly ridiculous. I was so, so sceptical but I gave it a try. Within a few hours I proved to myself – beyond a shadow of a doubt – that my mind really was retaining information, even though I was ‘PhotoReading’ at the astonishing rate of a page a second.

And after only a few weeks of putting my PhotoReading skills to use, the shelves of books in my spare bedroom, many of them unread, were transformed in my mind from a bombardment of paper to a treasure trove of information.

I was absolutely staggered! It was so exhilarating to realise that my inner mind was soaking up all this text, and that I could access a goldmine of information using easy-to-learn techniques.

But let me tell you something …

PhotoReading has nothing to do with speed reading...

…in fact it’s not even ‘reading’ at all. What you’ll learn to do is look at just one spot on each page and turn the pages rhythmically. Your eyes never move – because you’ll be taking in each double page spread with one glance!

Even if your memory is like a sieve – and you’re rarely able to remember people’s names – you’ll quickly be able to mentally photograph the pages of any book so you can absorb its contents at a subconscious level in as little as five minutes.

Do you want proof? Consider this study…

Research has proven that you remember everything you see

In 1972 an article appeared in Scientific American magazine. Researcher Ralph Nader showed students slide after slide of photographs, one a second for several hours.

The next day he invited the subjects back and showed them two pictures side by side. One was a picture they’d seen the day before, and one was a new picture. The students had to decide which was the one they recognised. Then they were shown another pair, then another.

They scored an amazing 85 to 95%, despite having been shown thousands of pictures the day before!

This study has been repeated a number of times since then, and often with even better results.

That’s how powerful your mind is – without you even trying!

PhotoReading makes use of that built-in skill which you already have, so you can quickly master any text you wish.

PhotoReading on TV

PhotoReading was recently featured on the Channel 4 programme, Derren Brown’s Mind Control.

Derren, a genius who uses extraordinary psychological tricks to help him’read’ people’s minds, went into the British Library and told a senior staff member that he had PhotoRead an enormous dictionary there. The staff member was amazed when he randomly picked a word from that dictionary and Derren instantly told him its exact location on the page!

You too can amaze people using this ‘trick’ on the very first PhotoReading recording! Derren Brown showed off his skills on Channel 4’s Mind Control

…Now, you’re probably wondering

How is this possible?

You must have heard people say that we use just a fraction of our brain power. Einstein said we use less than 10%, but more recently researchers suggest that we may be using closer to 1%!

This is a powerful concept – and, in a way, it suggests the unlimited potential of your brain. The fact is, chances are, you’ve just been taught wrong!

And this is what it boils down to… you just haven’t discovered how to use your brain effectively!

That’s why PhotoReading teaches you how to…

…Tap into the hidden resources of your mind!

PhotoReading gives you breakthrough techniques to draw out your subconscious brainpower and process massive amounts of information at a single glance!

You’ll be amazed once you learn the specific techniques that allow you to turn pages of a book, one page a second, as your mind automatically ‘photographs’ each page so you can access it later. Just like the students in the above experiment, you’ll take in every page at a subconscious level.

And you will do it so easily. After all you won’t be trying harder as with speed reading – that still uses the same old few percent of brain cells. No, you’ll be ‘doing’ differently, learning to read in a way you’ve never done before!

So with PhotoReading, you can handle all your reading needs in a fraction of the time it currently takes you to read… with better comprehension and more confidence. And PhotoReading is enormous fun too!

No wonder it’s labelled the ‘PhotoReading Whole Mind System’ – it doesn’t just increase your reading speed, it boosts all your reading skills from speed, to comprehension, and memory!

Think about it… it’s an entirely new way of learning!

But here’s the best part…

You could be a PhotoReader in as little as 8 hours!

The PhotoReading Personal Learning Course has been put together so you can learn how to PhotoRead at your own pace in the least amount of time. By the end of the first recording you will be PhotoReading a test book, and having some amazing experiences.

Just imagine these immediate developments:

 In your first hour with the course you’ll be PhotoReading the test book,thinking of any word, and you’ll know exactly where it is located on the page. This is your first proof that PhotoReading is working.

 After 4 more hours of study you’ll be PhotoReading one of your own books – and getting real proof that you’re learning information at faster rates than ever before.

 After a few more days you’ll be mastering ANY book in one quarter of the usual time, and with 75% comprehension. So instead of spending 8 hours reading a book at your normal rate with a typical 25-40% comprehension, you’ll be spending just 2 hours with 75% comprehension.

 In weeks you will be able to get everything you want to know from any book – no matter how thick – in as little as 30 minutes.

 And over time, you might even break through the 25,000 words a minute barrier and take PhotoReading to even greater heights!

What’s more, PhotoReading does not require continual practice: once you’ve learned the techniques you’ve learned them for good…

…though of course it makes sense to PhotoRead regularly so you don’t get rusty.

If you want more proof…

Just look what these people achieved!…

Superior Reading Skills…

“Best results: The feeling of having an overall understanding of a book after only 30 minutes using the PhotoReading Whole Mind System”

  • M King, Surbiton

Outstanding Academic Achievements…

“From scratch, I PhotoRead two months of Open University coursework and completed the associated assignment in one afternoon. I got 95% (I expected nearer 20%).”

  • I Doherty, West Drayton

“Right at the start it helped me with my studying – made it more fun and it seemed easier.”

  • Miss G Farrow, Walthamstow

“I read a book on Marxism for my Open University course and got 97% on the subsequent essay.”

  • Mr Aljosa Rejec, Slovenia

University lecturer flabbergasted

“I PhotoRead and ‘Activated’ a new book on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

It took me an hour and a half in total, then my wife asked me some quite detailed questions about it to check my level of comprehension.

“She was also very surprised to find that I could answer all the questions correctly. PhotoReading does wonders for the learning process. “The techniques may be unconventional, but they certainly achieve remarkable results.” – Dr George Chryssides, Senior Lecturer,
University of Wolverhampton.

“PhotoReading does wonders for learning,”

  • Dr George Chryssides

Incredible Language Improvements…

“Friends and relatives have commented on my improving vocabulary… I have gained a lot from the small amount of PhotoReading I have done.”

  • Danny Grub, Hull

“Brushing up my Spanish with a BBC CD course, the new words and phrases seemed to leap out of the pages. Every prospective traveller should learn PhotoReading.”

  • R Cunnington, Chelsea

Exceptional Work Performance…

“I PhotoRead all my software manuals in one fell swoop. Now, when I program, all the code seems to come out of my head, and I hardly ever stop to look in the manuals.”

  • Lou Wilson, Harrow

“When I translated a German magazine into English I only had to look up 4 expressions when over 40 or 50 would be normal for me.”

  • Hilke Legenhausen, East Grinstead

Remember, these are just a few of the amazing successes PhotoReaders from the UK sent us. The truth is, there are so many of them that I had to put together a separate compilation to go with this mailing!

But before that, I’m sure you want…

Your questions answered…

Even if you’ve already decided to take advantage of the PhotoReading Whole Mind System, I’m sure you still have some questions about this amazing programme. That’s why I’ve arranged this section to answer some of them…

What are the real benefits of PhotoReading?

Aside from boosting your reading speed, increasing your comprehension, and improving your memory, PhotoReading also brings practical benefits that goes far beyond just improving your reading skills to transform your life in unexpected ways. For example…

 If you’re a student you can get better grades at college, or take up a part-time Open University degree and pass it with far less effort by PhotoReading course materials. Just imagine getting through all your course materials within weeks after your class begins!

 If you’re a professional like a lawyer, doctor, accountant or teacher you’ll feel on top of your work, while astounding your colleagues with improvements in your skills and knowledge by always getting ahead of your reading.

 If you play golf, tennis, or any sport – even if you play musical instruments – you can PhotoRead books on these subjects and find simple techniques that you can implement to significantly improve your performance.

 If you’re a business owner or manager, get ahead of your competition by PhotoReading trade journals and business books to keep abreast of industry news, innovative practices, and key problems in your market.

 If you’re a salesperson or negotiator, increase your sales and glide through negotiations easily by PhotoReading books to master the latest sales and negotiation techniques, documents, meeting notes, and other written materials so you can skillfully prepare for your appointments.

 If you’re a hobbyist, PhotoRead speciality books to develop knowledge in areas of interest to you at vast speeds, establish yourself as an authority, and receive the admiration of peers, friends, relatives and even your neighbours.

If you’re a parent, you’ll refine your parenting skills, and develop in your children a passion for learning and get the satisfaction of knowing that they are on the way to personal success by giving them the tools they need to excel in life through PhotoReading.

Most of all, even if you’re an average reader, PhotoReading can help you read easier with better understanding of any written material, sharpen your memory, improve your concentration, and master information so you can feel more confident and self assured, become more mentally alert (even if your 70), and advance in today’s information age!

Is it easy to learn PhotoReading?

Yes – anyone willing to learn can do it. I have taught the basics to an 8-year-old girl, and she was delighted when I proved to her how well she was doing. And we know of one PhotoReader aged 85! The innovative techniques really are straight forward and easy to put into practice. I got results as soon as I began learning to PhotoRead – and so will you.

How soon should I be able to PhotoRead at amazing speeds?

That’s up to you. The recordings will start teaching you the process of PhotoReading immediately. However, how quickly you see measurable results depends on how much time you have available to go through the lessons and how much you apply what you are learning.

Most people take between 1 and 3 weeks to complete the course first time, though. However there is no rush, and the technique does come much easier if you do not put yourself under pressure to perform.

Also, like all things, the more you become acquainted with the technique, the more proficient you will become – it gets easier and faster the more you do it.

Can I really learn to get through a book in 30 minutes?

Let’s say you would normally need to spend 10 hours to “regular read” one of your books now. A beginning PhotoReader can take the same book, spend 3 hours, and achieve better comprehension with long-term memory. In those 3 hours, they will have 3 to 6 passes through the book cover-to-cover in 30-minute special sessions, building layers of comprehension and understanding.

And, with use, your reading time will rapidly drop from 3 hours to 2 hours, and so forth as you gradually work down to spending as little as 30 minutes with each book.

TV personality Paul McKenna – seen here being asked questions by Paul Scheele. McKenna got 70% of the questions right!

Before you know it, you’re spending just FIVE minutes doing the core PhotoReading process! Just spend a further 20 to 80 minutes using the other remarkable techniques included in the program and you’ll be absorbing the written word like a dry sponge on water! You’ll quickly zero in on the key information you need – you’ll know exactly where to find it!

What if I want to read even faster? Is there an upper speed limit for PhotoReading?

You may have seen Paul McKenna’s late night documentary on hypnosis some years ago. The programme showed Paul PhotoReading a novel that scrolled across a computer screen at over 200,000 words a minute – and he scored over 70% in a subsequent comprehension test.

What’s amazing was that Paul Scheele, developer of PhotoReading, only gave Paul 10 minutes or so of tuition before the segment was recorded.

Pete Bissonette, Paul Scheele’s business partner, has also been tested at 693,000 words a minute: PhotoReading US Patent Law off a computer screen flashing 30 pages a second. During a test he just started doodling. Surprisingly, the doodles were a very good representation of the actual patent drawings that Pete got six of seven patents right!

If Paul McKenna can PhotoRead at 200,000 words a minutes after 10 minutes of teaching surely you can PhotoRead at 25,000 words a minute after 8 hours of audio training!

Will I have a photographic memory of a book I have PhotoRead?

I have seen Pete Bissonette PhotoRead a book, the book was taken off him, a page was picked at random, half a sentence was read out loud – and Pete finished the sentence word for word as it was printed in the book. I was blown away. So a photographic memory is possible, with a lot of practice, but that’s not the real purpose of PhotoReading.

What you will learn is how to extract everything you want from any book in a quarter, or less, of the time you’d normally spend.

Let’s say you normally spend eight hours with a book. Research has shown that you’ll understand, on average, only 25-40% of the book. With the new skills you’ll quickly acquire, you’ll get through that book in two hours or less, and with 75% comprehension.

Do I have to give up my leisure reading to PhotoRead?

You’ll still be able to read easily for pleasure reading, but your base reading rate will almost certainly double. Many PhotoReaders even PhotoRead a novel before they read it at normal speed because they say they get stronger imagery as a result, and they also get more engrossed in the book too.

Who else uses PhotoReading?

Some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world, like IBM, Apple, American Express and 3M have offered PhotoReading because it dramatically improves their productivity, efficiency and motivation. And I once attended a business conference at a hotel near Heathrow Airport, and got chatting to Joan Armatrading, the singer of the best-selling Love and Affection and many others. She owned an Internet business, which is why she was at the conference. She told me she was using PhotoReading because she was studying for an Open University degree! I saw in the papers recently that she now has an MBA in History! We’ve also had phone conversations with 2 actors from the soap Emmerdale who told us that they used PhotoReading to help them learn their lines.

Clearly, you can see how PhotoReading will dramatically help you in your life.

Now I know you may feel a little sceptical that you really can learn to PhotoRead. But I so strongly believe in this program and its ability to help transform your life that I stand behind it with a powerful guarantee.

So before I reveal to you my incredible offer for the PhotoReading Whole Mind System, I want you to take a look at this equally incredible promise:

30 day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee!
I’ve learned that the vast majority of people in this country are very honest, so if you’re not vacuuming up books in your local library or bookstore at 25,000 words per minute within days of completing the course, then take up our guarantee!

Once you’ve seen all the other wonderful success stories I’ve put in the enclosed newsletter, you’ll understand why I’m absolutely convinced you’ll soon be PhotoReading with ease.

So I’m going to give you a full 30 days to try out the course and experience for yourself the amazing benefits of PhotoReading up to 25,000 words a minute! (You really can’t lose with this risk-free offer.)

Not only that… I’m also going to make it easy for you!

Whether you’re ready to benefit from the powerful PhotoReading Whole Mind System or simply want to satisfy your curiosity because of the 30 day money-back guarantee, here are…

Unsuspecting PhotoReader Put to the Test!

I was little more than a beginner at PhotoReading (writes Chris Payne) when my skills were unwillingly put to the test on foreign soil. But, by the end of the PhotoReading challenge, I was so ecstatic I couldn’t believe how well I did, myself!

Here is what happened…

I was over in the States for some meetings about PhotoReading with Paul Scheele, the developer of PhotoReading, and Pete Bissonette, his business partner. Meetings over, Pete was booked to do a radio interview locally, so he invited me to join him before dropping me off at the airport for my journey home.

“I’ll do all the talking”, he said on the way to the radio studio. When the show went live, I was sitting behind Pete who was facing the large microphone.

The DJ handed a book called The 10 Laws of Lasting Love to Pete – and dropped a bombshell when he suddenly produced a 350-page detective novel called Sudden Prey for me – and gave us just 30 minutes to master them!

I stuttered on live radio that I’d never done a PhotoReading challenge before. The DJ simply shrugged his shoulders. “Just see what happens.” Pete and I were sent off to a tiny office to PhotoRead our books. Literally, just as our 30 minutes was up, my book came together and I had a real sense of the plot and the main characters. I was incredibly relieved.

Back in the studio the questioning started. Pete was brilliant, answering with ease. Then it was my turn and I amazed myself. I could answer every question.

Live on air, Pete Bissonette (left) and I were being asked detailed questions about books we had been handed just 30 minutes before! The 350-page book I was given, Sudden Prey, is in the lower left of the picture.

For example, when the DJ asked me about a minor character, I was able to say that her name is Sally, she’s 29 and has crow’s feet. Where the heck did that come from?! The DJ spluttered with astonishment.

Soon afterwards Pete and I were out of the claustrophobic studio complex and in the open air. We both burst out laughing – me from delight, and relief! I was on a real high!

Now I’m no genius: I got a D, an E, an O and an F at A-Level when I first took them. So if I can answer detailed questions on a book after 30 minutes, then so can you!

Three ways you can learn more…

Option 1: The “Classic Edition”

Here you get the entire PhotoReading Whole Mind System, complete with:

 8 carefully crafted recordings packed with techniques, activities, and advice to guide you gently into a mastery of the PhotoReading techniques

 The 68-page PhotoReading workbook containing a wealth of support materials to always keep you advancing and on-track towards lightning-fast PhotoReading speeds

 The definitive 156-page PhotoReading book for a full reference on PhotoReading that’s bursting with inspirational stories from other students worldwide

 A 30,000-word dictionary that you’ll PhotoRead in minutes to amazing effect

 The Memory Supercharger paraliminal recording that combines with PhotoReading to tremendously increase your recall of what you read (all you do is lie back, close your eyes and listen for about 20 minutes – it’s effortless!)

 The Natural Brilliance book, worth £12.95, to unblock your unborn abilities to learn and obliterate any mental obstacles you may have so you can approach PhotoReading (or any other learning task) with complete success

 Telephone support during office hours to answer your questions and give you that quick nudge whenever you encounter any stumbling block absolutely free!

I don’t care how slowly you read – even if you move your lips silently as you read one word at a time – because this system will change all that forever.

But wait… there’s more. I have a second option to offer you…

Option 2: The “Deluxe Edition”

If you’re ready to supercharge your results with PhotoReading and really break the barriers of learning, then this option is perfect for you.

In addition to everything mentioned above, you will receive…

The PhotoReading Results Supercharger 3-DVD pack

Watch these 3 DVDs on your TV or computer to soar to higher levels of reading and learning performance. You will see 3 one-hour TV-quality documentaries that follow PhotoReading students who take their accomplishments to the next level. You can see exactly how to hold the book, how to turn the pages quickly and easily at one page a second – and even see one man turn the pages even faster than that!

Watch 6 students do the PhotoReading Challenge: they are each given 30 minutes to get through a thick book, and are then grilled on stage in front of a live audience. See what they do. Hear Paul Scheele describe how they do it so you can do the same.

You’ll also find 11 Special Features on the DVDs that show you how to:

 PhotoRead multiple books on a single subject – one after the other, spending as little as 5-6 minutes with each book

 Free yourself from emotional tension that limits learning – and melt away any thoughts of “I can’t do this”, “I don’t deserve to have this work”, and so on

 Energise your body from head to toe so you get into the optimum state for accelerated learning (this feature is the shortest at one and a half minutes – so you can review it often!!)

 Use a clever mental trick to vastly improve your comprehension of books

 Dramatically increase retention of the books you PhotoRead

 Stimulate brain activity with a remarkably simple but highly effective technique using your index finger…

…and so much more!

You’ll even see me talk about the amazing results I got from PhotoReading several books, one after the other – and you’ll get to hear the radio interview I told you about on page 7 of this letter where I impressed the DJ (remember that I was a beginner at that time so I think you’ll find it very inspiring).

And if you order the Deluxe Edition you’ll also receive…

The PhotoReading Bonus DVD

On this information-packed DVD, you’ll find 4 films:

Get these extras with the Deluxe Edition…

This DVD contains 4 fascinating films to help you master any written material at lightning speeds

Listen for just 23 minutes through headphones with eyes closed after a PhotoReading session to help you access the information with ease!

54 pages of articles and tips written by Chris Payne based on his coaching sessions with hundreds of people here in the UK
 Winning In The Age Of Information Overload documentary with Paul Scheele (52 mins)
 PhotoReading promotional film featuring me and a number of other British PhotoReaders (10 mins)
 Amaze Me TV news item about PhotoReading (6 mins)
Up To The Minute TV interview with Paul (4 mins)
… and all 4 films are incredibly inspiring and enjoyable to watch!

The PhotoReading Activator Paraliminal CD to master PhotoReading

Listen daily with your eyes closed to wire PhotoReading into your genius mind. There’s nothing to do but lie back and enjoy – and let the voices do all the work

Plus, you also get the 54-page Deluxe Reports which includes…
 Success stories from around the UK including some contact telephone numbers of other PhotoReaders who may live near you

 Tons of hints and techniques I have compiled over the years that I’ve been PhotoReading, based on my experiences and those of others, mostly based here in the UK – including how to PhotoRead emails, ebooks, pdf reports and long web pages of dense text

… and lots, lots more!

This is wonderful extra material, so you’ll become an expert PhotoReader in the shortest possible time.

NB: You do not need to get the Deluxe Edition to get the very most out of PhotoReading. Thousands of people around the UK have had enormous success from PhotoReading without these extras.

However the Deluxe Edition is the package I would recommend the most highly.

Order now and you can get a fabulous free gift!

I have one last gift for you…

If you decide to order any package nows, we will also send you Paul’s highly effective Personal Genius CD, worth £19.95. It will really help you get the very most from the course by releasing the full resources of your mind for learning – and all you do is lie back with your eyes closed and listen for 15 minutes.

And if you order either the Deluxe or within 14 days, we will also send you a copy of the Science Behind PhotoReading DVD worth £19.95 – an exclusive 55-minute film where Paul Scheele, the creator of PhotoReading, reveals exactly how PhotoReading works, and what you can do to get even better results with the system!

Superb Personal Genius CD: listen for just 15 minutes through headphones with eyes closed to activate your inner genius!

How to order

Please, please don’t let another moment go by: order your course right this minute.

Click here

Order now and we will add your free gifts in.

Remember: You could have your course in your hands in the next day or two!!
You’ll soon be ‘reading’ at 25,000 words per minute – guaranteed.

One last point: it’s not your fault that you are not reading as fast as you’d like or remembering what you read. You were simply taught at school to read one word at a time. Your teachers didn’t know any better. PhotoReading propels reading and studying into the 21st century and will transform the way you look at the written word – and yourself – forever.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Don’t forget! If you order any of the packages within 14 days, you will also receive the Personal Genius CD worth £19.95 as a free gift. But, order the Deluxe package now and I’ll also send you the Science Behind PhotoReading DVD (worth £19.95)! So what are you waiting for?


Place your order and get your free gifts!

You have nothing to lose with our 30 day guarantee! If within 30 days, you’re still not blasting through books at lightning-fast speeds, you can have a full refund if the course comes back complete and undamaged (workbook expected to be written in).

FREE DVD if you order the Deluxe now:

Chris interviews Paul Scheele to find out exactly how and why PhotoReading works so well

Just imagine…

Tomorrow, you could be listening to lesson 1 and hearing Paul’s voice gently guiding you…

Your eyes are closed: you’re relaxing and preparing your mind…

You open your eyes and, with a slight smile on your lips, you begin turning the pages of the included dictionary at the rate of one page a second… flip, flip, flip.

Your eyes are gently focused on the centre spine – they never scan over the words because your eyes are taking in every word on each 2-page spread in one glance.

After a few minutes you stop, close your eyes, and say a few special words to yourself.

You open your eyes again and think of any word. You’ll then ‘guess’ its location in the dictionary: is it on a left-hand page, or a right? Is it in the left-hand column, or the right? Is it at the top, middle or bottom of the page? Then you’ll check how accurate you are – and most likely get the surprise of your life when you find out your ‘guess’ is correct! You’ve now proved that PhotoReading works! Over the following 7 recordings you’ll learn to refine your new skill to suck information out of any book like a vacuum cleaner.

That’s the magic of PhotoReading – and it’s no wonder that more than 500,000 people around the world have studied PhotoReading, with massive take-up in developing countries like Hungary and Mexico. So don’t get left behind in the learning revolution!

Give yourself a gift:


Today and now to try out this system in your home. It could be in your hands in the next day or two! We advise on shipping a physical copy, due to the amount of bonus books; however, you can get a streamline version quickly and get the MP3 recordings, a copy of the 64 page workbook as a PDF and your Paraliminal recording – which is everything you need for your mindset training, getting started and working through it!

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