Free Mindlab Proteus sessions

Here was the very first downloadable session which you can try on your Proteus.

Chakra Workout

mind lab proteus sessionsIt has been designed by Dave Faratian who teaches languages at a secondary school in Cumbria in England. Says Dave: “the session is 30mins in length and the user is advised to be in reclining position for best effect. Also the user should try visualising each of the seven Chakras gradually opening up like a coloured flower at each natural transition phase. the lights will tend to gradually slow to the frequencies associated with each chakra point thus lulling the subject very quickly into an altered state. I have personally experienced some amazing sensations using this session so I hope people find this as much fun as I have!”

Dave enthuses about the Proteus:
I have owned a MindLab Orion for many years, but I have never experienced anything like the Proteus. In a word ‘mind-blowing’. Unlike its predecessor the Proteus is much more intense, with its red and green LEDs you can very quickly reach the deeper levels of mind needed to either relax or solve those niggly everyday problems. I use the Proteus every day after work.
Using the pre-programmed sessions , and even ones I’ve created myself, I let the synthesised tones work in perfect synchronisation with the swirling lights to quickly switch me off to the outside world, and then I’m free to focus on anything my mind can create brilliant!
I’ve even created my own sessions. My ‘Chakra Workout’ totally knocks me out, and at times I even feel as if I’m leaving my body.”

However new sessions recently added for you are:

Meditative Theta Session – this was created by Robert Austin for his own personal use; but he has kindly passed onto us for sharing with our customers.

Beta Mastery 13 aka The Big Late – this was created by Michael Ax. Here is what he has put down as a warning prior to dowloading and using:

“Like the drink, this program is not recommended for people with heart trouble.

“So, you’ve learned to enjoy theta and your mind has started to go all mushy. Here’s your antidote.”

This complex 17 minute program takes you through the world of High Beta in 78 steps. It offers quite a light show, should bring you in touch with your 3rd eye and as a couple of built-in resting places for you to catch-up with the stimulus.

The first half offers a fair bit of alpha on the side while the latter half begins to relax you with some low theta to let you identify and relax the tensions in your body. The program makes use of binaural beats throughout and should work fine without goggles as well. It ends with two lengthy alpha, low beta segments to collect you all in one place before fading out.

This might not be for everyone and I recommend against its use if you can not tell individual flashes apart at 26hz.”

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