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Solve Relationship Issues Using 3 Simple Techniques in the Effort Free Training

Relationships can be one of the greatest things in the world – loving someone, having friendships, close family ties! However, sometimes they hit the rocks. Having spoken to a few people recently, there are a few things that are becoming very clear.

1. Money, sex or where time is spent. Pragmatic. These are issues that manifest themselves with ‘things’. Budgeting, making time for physical intimacy, wanting to go out with mates to play sports or going on a shopping trip with friends.

There are issues such as tiredness, joint solo bank accounts, feeling trapped and more.

2. Trust issues or being emotionally intimate. Emotional. These are past hurts coming in, not being physically confident and body dysmorphia, controlled eating, closing down when the “we need to speak” line comes out and more.

Issues can be down to not having clear communication lines, understanding of your partners struggles, not making time to listen and others.

3. Clashes & conflict. Personality. You may struggle with your in-laws, relatives, partners circle of friends, others in the circle of ‘relationships’ who don’t share the same values, outlook or traits.

Issues can come out in lots of ways such as avoidance of events, struggling with your partners friendships or how they can accept others with values different from yours.

At the end of the day, there are levels underneath it that need to change. These may be real and genuine, but if you look at solving these, without going deeper, things may just manifest themselves in another area.

Three core principles need to be taking place:

1. Stop resisting how others are, how your partner is or how a situation is manifesting itself in the relationship (e.g. how to use finances).

2. Learn acceptance skills. Accepting how others are, does not make you some dormant figure. It allows you to see what is, without judgement or without resistance and the ‘desire to change them’ that comes with resistance.

3. Remove emotional turbulance. As with any type of conflict, emotions kick in leading to views being distorted, things said in anger, resistance feeling like personal rejection, avoidance through fear or silent space of spending time with the person you have this issue with.

If you want to learn these 3 underlying skills and know how to apply them. The the following can take place:

During the free training course, the following will happen:

✔ You start to remove the emotional distraction and you can start to see things are they are and not through a haze of emotion – which blurs and distorts.

✔ You remove the resistance. People fight resistance, they don’t like feeling pushed, coerced or manipulates; so stop pushing for change.

✔ Acceptance allows space for both parties to feel there is no negative emotion, there is no resistance or seeking to change and creates SPACE for the issues to be looked at.

❤ Honest communication becomes easier, self acceptance becomes easier because the other person accepts you, looking at friendships and dynamics becomes easier to talk about.

You can learn about the fundamentals of resistance, acceptance and removing emotional negativity. At the same time you will learn about other things that will improve the quality of the relationships you want to work on.

As a bonus, you may find that a lot of future relationships all become easier, as you become aware of hidden dynamics and a more open personality.

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