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There’s a genius locked inside your mind that desperately wants to break free……and I’ve found the key to let your ‘inner genius’ out… to help you generate brilliant ideas, and easily find solutions to any problem… and enjoy more creative energy than you’ve ever experienced before!

Dear friend,

The last few weeks have been one heck of a roller coaster ride – and a lot of fun

I think this has to be the most difficult letter I’ve ever put together – because the ‘key’ I’ve discovered works so well, it’s hard to know where to begin!

It’s 5.11pm

and great ideas are pouring out of me right now. I feel so creative.

I’ve often been frustrated in the past because there have been times when I’ve had some great ideas – such as setting up this business, LifeTools – and coming up with ways to grow the business. And there have been times when my source of ideas seemed to dry up.

What was frustrating was that I didn’t really understand where the best ideas were coming from, or how I generated them.

But recently I rang my colleague Nigel and told him, “Now I know how I come up with my best ideas, and I’m now coming up with them on a far more consistent basis. It’s such a relief!”

Let me tell you about my amazing discovery…You probably know that your conscious mind is only the tip of what you are capable of. Your unconscious mind – the other 99% of you – is an amazing store of knowledge that is mostly untapped.

What if there was a brilliant way to tap into all that knowledge at any moment? What if you could solve any personal or business problem with startling creativity? What if you could come up with ideas that would make you more money, or help you be massively more productive – with minimum effort?

Well there is a way, and it’s called Image Streaming.

Image Streaming is a simple, elegant mental technique which anyone can learn very quickly and easily – and get a ‘genius’ answer to any question within as little as one minute!

It’s like having a little genie in your pocket which you pull out, ask a question, and listen to its words of profound wisdom.

You probably know the name James Dyson, the guy who invented the Dyson vacuum cleaner and made millions from that idea.

Or Trevor Bayliss who invented the Freeplay clockwork wind-up radio which has now sold in the thousands and thousands. He even presented one personally to Nelson Mandela.

From what I’ve learned about Image Streaming, I think that all great inventors – and people like them – use a similar mental technique to Image Streaming to tap into their inner genius.

And the best family therapists, business brains and book authors – they too have used a similar process that they have discovered by trial and error.

But with Image Streaming, literally anyone can come up with great ideas to make their lives more fun and exciting.

Paul Scheele, the developer of PhotoReading, Paraliminal recordings, etc, recently put together a brand new CD set called Genius Code, in conjunction with Win Wenger, the inventor of Image Streaming, who Paul calls…

“one of the most amazing minds I’ve ever encountered”.

Win has research showing that the exceptional achievements of famous thinkers may have been more the result of mental conditioning than genetic superiority.

He believes that Image Streaming is the bridge to using the super power of your brain in the same or similar way that Galileo, da Vinci, Tesla, Edison and Einstein did.

There is even an astounding Image Streaming process called Borrowed Genius where you can get into the head of any expert or genius in any field, and view your problem, opportunity or situation from their point of view – and get genius answers!

So you can…

borrow the genius of inventors like James Dyson or Trevor Bayliss
borrow Tiger Woods to play better golf,
borrow Richard Branson to think like an entrepreneur,
borrow David Beckham to play better football. And on and on. There is no limit to what you can do or be.

So does Image Streaming really work?

I’ll tell you my own experiences later, but what’s far more interesting is what happened soon after I got the recordings…
I found out that there was only one Image Streaming trainer in the – a guy called Michael Campbell, who lives in Glasgow.

So I rang him up to find out how he used Image Streaming, and I finally came off the phone after two hours, my head reeling as if I had come off the Nemesis ride at Alton Towers!

What Michael told me on that call was so incredible that I decided to jump on a plane at Manchester Airport and fly up to meet with him.

I got to his house at 10.30 in the morning, and we talked solidly for 8 hours, until 6.30pm

Here’s what I found out at our get-together: Michael is an architect, freelance website designer, and a trainer who helps run seminars at a dyslexia treatment centre in Glasgow.

He heard about Image Streaming a few years ago and has been using it almost every day ever since. Michael says, “Image Streaming is so so simple – you just close your eyes and ‘day dream’ the answer. “It works so incredibly well, and so quickly – sometimes in as little as 60 seconds. “So it’s almost foolish not to use it every day, because the answers that come back are so smart and wise.” He proceeded to rattle off to me many of the benefits he has gained. He told me that he had been going to a T’ai Chi class in Glasgow once or twice a week for a few months – T’ai Chi is the ‘meditation in movement’ discipline that thousands of Chinese people do every morning in their homes or in the local parks.

8 months progress in T’ai Chi in 45 minutes

He told me:”I decided to see if I could make significant progress using an Image Streaming technique called Borrowed Genius. I closed my eyes and imagined a man called Chen Man Ching who is a modern T’ai Chi master. “Using Image Streaming, my inner mind showed me 3 or 4 major concepts that were the foundation of Chen’s phenomenal skill – and I wasn’t doing any of them in my own practice! “Within several minutes I integrated these learnings into my own mind and body at a deep level, and when I next practiced the T’ai Chi form, I discovered that my skill had massively improved. “You can never be exact or objective with something like this, but I reckon I made 8 months of progress with just 45 minutes of Image Streaming.” He went on:”I’ve also studied a martial art called Ninpo. I’d taken 5 2-hour lessons. Normally it takes 3 to 4 months of training to be ready for grading. But I used Borrowed Genius again, found 5 or 6 master keys, integrated these into myself, and passed my first grading a few weeks later.”

How to massively boost a new skill in as little as 2 hours

Michael gave me another example:”Recently I had an idea to offer counselling/therapy sessions over the phone. I spent 2 hours studying this discipline in an Image Stream. Then I asked the Stream to show me the most important key concepts.”Within days I got a job where I’m charged out at £60 (year 2000) an hour, helping people make sense of their lives – and it’s great fun! I also taught myself to design websites in 2 days – and I now get paid good money to put sites together!” What if you could make major progress in a new skill in as little as just 2 hours!

Clever ideas fished out from the vast ocean of your inner stream of knowledge

If you ever need ideas, for example to increase your earnings, find a soul-mate, lose weight by taking small but effective steps, or solve a work-related challenge – take a look at what Michael created. He told me that he had a big stack of about 60 ideas for inventions that he’d come up with in his Image Stream. He explained that “some are silly, and some are minor tweaks on existing technologies. But it has also been frustrating because I simply don’t have the technical skills or the contacts to do anything with some of the amazing ideas my inner mind has generously offered me.”So I’m now much more specific: inventions have to be so simple that even a 10-year-old can make them. And these are coming thick and fast! “I’m an architect by profession, and I plan to move to the States and build my own house, using new ways to convert solar energy into electricity, so I’m using Image Streaming to come up with very simple, elegant and neat ways to integrate solar panels into window blinds and so on. “But the main thing is that anyone can use Image Streaming to create an endless flow of ideas!” Michael feels so much better about himself since learning to Image Stream: “One of the very best gains I’ve had from Image Streaming is feeling a wonderful sense of abundance: I know I can always rely on my mind being able to give me solutions to any problem in a matter of minutes.”

Create your main source of income from an Image Stream!

Around the same time I met with Michael Campbell, I rang a guy called Michael Ax about a completely different matter entirely. As we talked I discovered – quite by chance – that he has been using Image Streaming every day, ever since he met Win Wenger for dinner several years ago! He went on and on about the amazing results he had got.

Initial design for Internet language – created in 30 seconds

Michael Ax told me, “Image Streaming is superb for helping you to master massive amounts of information. “I wrote an Internet programming framework for interactive programmable websites. My product is used by people who create Internet applications. I created the initial design from a 30-second high density Image Stream, which I spent several weeks reviewing and unravelling. “I started programming the application in 1995, I began making money from it in 1997 and I finished the development work on it in 2000. There are thousands of lines of source code, and I can see them all in my head because of the Image Stream. “This business has been my main source of income – and it all came as a result of one Image Stream. I recently sold the company to a business partner, and I still get payments from it.” Now you may not want to create a substantial project like Michael Ax’s above, but perhaps you can begin to see just how powerful Image Streaming can be. More people get amazing results quickly found other people who had had major breakthroughs with Win’s techniques… “I am amazed at the results I’ve gotten. I haven’t even been trying incredibly hard (though I’m now motivated to try much harder) and yet I’ve already learned techniques to solve puzzles and other things that I used to dread. I am an academic failure but I’m now going back to college to finish my degree and get a Ph.D in computation cognitive science I went from having an IQ of 115 to having one high enough to (at least attempt) the Mensa IQ test. That’s a jump of 15 points in a little over a month and it’s only just started.”

  • Eric Medlock

“I went back to college at 39. Competing and excelling with younger and smarter people made me search for every advantage that I could get. Win’s techniques were the keys to my graduating at the top of my class and getting a plum job before college was even over. I use the techniques with my kids and am astounded with how well they are doing. It just works!” – Mark Bossert

“Image Streaming opens up access to an endless source of ideas and insights.” – Robin Mookerjee”

[These techniques] liberate mental abilities you didn’t know you had. I tried the techniques.. and they paid off instantly. It’s almost scary.”

  • Duncan Maxwell Anderson, senior editor at Success magazine”

I have had brainwaves coming out of the blue – and I mean ‘Eureka! “I have begun creative writing, and consciously use all my senses in my day-to-day life. The potentials for further development with time and persistence are mind-boggling.” – Irikefe, Surrey

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. I’ve put the very best stories that I came across in the accompanying newsletter, and on the back of the colour sheet, which you can look at later. One of those stories features George Copsey, an American business coach who Win describes as “the world’s best Image Streaming coach by phone in the world”. He told me:”Image Streaming is a fabulous way to learn a new skill from a master. You just bring an expert to mind and use the simple Borrowed Genius technique. “I’ve used it to help a sports psychologist who was a trainer for a major league baseball team, to help that team get over a slump in their pitching. “I also used Image Streaming with a sales guy whose sales of a health-related product were flagging. As a result of one 15-minute call he rebuilt his self-image and his sales increased by 40% in one month.”

I asked George about Win, who he has known for six years. “Win is one of the kindest, mildest, most humble people I know. Most people who have interacted with him would agree that he is brilliant – a true genius.

“What’s more, he attributes almost all of that genius, and his current high state of happiness and fulfilment, to Image Streaming.”

And Michael Campbell told me: “Win is a very sweet, humble, gentle, friendly and open guy. He is a genius who just wants to get Image Streaming out into the world. His measured speech belies the fact that he’s thinking a million miles an hour – and he types lightning fast too: about 200 words per minute!”

Your questions answered

How quickly will I get results with Image Streaming?

You’ll start to see it working during your first, second or third 10-minute session because Image Streaming is so very simple…all you do is ask a question…

close your eyes… and day dream. And the answer appears magically! After just 10 sessions (that’s as little as an hour and a half of Image Streaming!) you’ll be getting amazing insights and answers to problems that will really surprise you. You’ll feel as if you’re getting smarter, and as you get even more skilled at it, your verbal fluency and creativity will dramatically increase.

If you play a musical instrument, you’ll find that you’re improvising much better than before. And your thinking skills will become much faster.
When you’re first learning to Image Stream you may spend 10 minutes or more on each question – but you’ll quickly be able to get smart, creative, innovative answers in as little as one minute – just as Michael Campbell and others can!

What are the kind of questions you can ask?

You can really ask anything – and you’ll get a great answer! For example, you could ask your Image Stream…
How can I guarantee a 15% or greater pay rise with the minimum of effort?
What simple product/process could I invent which would earn me £100,000 within 18 months?
What should I do to maximise my savings?
Which stocks and shares might generate high returns?
What can I do to get my children/work colleagues to do what I want without arguing?
Which foods am I eating which are making me feel so tired?
What simple things could I do in 5 minutes a day that would really boost my effectiveness?
Where would be the best place to find a new partner?
Which of my friends would I be best to confide in about this personal issue?
What hobby would I enjoy doing the most, and where I could meet new friends? … and so on.
Take a look at those questions and see if one or more of them – or an adaptation of them – would be the kind of question that you would want the ideal answer to.
And what’s truly, truly amazing is that, if you don’t know what would be a great question for you to pose, then you can ask your Image Stream “What would be a great question for me to ask you?”, and it will tell you what area in your life that you would benefit most from looking at!!!
You see your inner mind has your very best interest at heart, and I’ve been thrilled by so many of the things I’ve learned from my Stream. No wonder I’m so impressed with Image Streaming!

What else will I learn on the Genius Code CDs?

You’ll learn how to PhotoRead books at speeds up to 25,000 words a minute! The full PhotoReading course costs £199 or more, and consists of 8 recorded lessons, but Paul Scheele has condensed the first few steps of this remarkable technique onto one lesson, and provided written information in the Genius Code workbook! Paul has done this because he finds that Image Streaming and PhotoReading work so brilliantly together – which is why he teaches the basics of Image Streaming in his PhotoReading seminars. Other PhotoReading trainers do the same, which is the reason you’ll find three PhotoReading trainers, here in the UK, raving about Image Streaming.

There are two ways you can learn more…

(1) Order the Genius Code CDs

Firstly there’s the Genius Code “Basic Course”. In this you get:

. 8 brilliant lessons which teach

. a 56-page workbook containing a wealth of support materials

During the lessons you’ll discover:

. a remarkably simple breathing technique called velvety smooth breathing to help you generate deep relaxation, vivid visualisations and strong connection with your inner genius

. the concept of mirror neurons – and how it can help you take on the skill set of geniuses or the smartest people around you

. the amazing insights from the book The Once and Future King in which Merlin teaches Young Arthur genius skills, and the insights which helped him to become the king of England

. the “When-Then” test to help you really understand what your genius mind is telling you

. the most important part of the Image Stream, to ensure you get the most beneficial answer . a simple warning that you’re off track with your interpretation of the Stream

. how to use your dreams to draw new insights and knowledge from your unconscious

. the precise moment in time of a person’s life you should ‘model’ if you want to ‘borrow’ their genius skill. For example, if you want to be a better footballer, you could do a Borrowed Genius on David Beckham, but exactly what moment in his 20-odd years should you model? You’ll find out!

. coaching from Paul through his new Direct Learning model – the most powerful way to combine PhotoReading and Image Streaming – so you can become a better learner, leader, organiser, sports person, etc, in minimum time

. the precise types of books to PhotoRead to get maximum ‘skill suck’ – and the ones to avoid

. how to use ‘time-lining’ so you know what it will feel like in the future to have this skill

. a brand new Paraliminal session which will help you access your massive inner creativity and wisdom effortlessly … and much more!

(2) Order the Genius Code Deluxe Edition

I also have a second option for you. It’s called the “Deluxe Edition”: you get everything mentioned above, plus a whole host of extras. These include 3 Image Streaming booster lessons consisting of the three best hours of the 8 hours that Michael Campbell and I spent together.

You’ll hear:

. Michael conducting a brief 30-second Image Stream – this is so great to hear as you’ll know how to do it ‘right’

. Michael posing a question regarding a future business project, doing a 2-minute Image Stream, and then showing you how he interprets the answers

. Me doing an Image Stream asking for a clever metaphor to help me explain Image Streaming clearly in this sales letter – and our resulting discussion about the information that came out

. Michael leading me through a 5-minute Borrowed Genius session, borrowing the mindset of the best copywriter in the world. You’ll then hear my fascinating insights from that short session. You’ll learn how Michael…

. generated some of the 60 ideas for inventions, and how you can generate similar creative ideas

. uses PhotoReading with Image Streaming to help him learn new skills

. used Image Streaming to find out why his energy was really low one day, and how the answer it gave him enabled him to boost his energy again plus how to…

. suck yourself more into the Image Streaming experience

. bring music to life, so you experience it in vivid detail, and help increase your creativity

. use Image Streaming first before PhotoReading to understand any book at a deeper level when you come to study it later, and make it come to life

. use Image Streaming to understand any complex issue in a book that you do not understand What’s more, you’ll also get a fourth lesson containing an in-depth interview with Win Wenger conducted by Image Streaming coach George Copsey. On this fascinating recording you’ll find out…

. how Win developed Image Streaming

. how he created other techniques like Borrowed Genius out of his own Image Streaming sessions

. the serious mistakes educators are making in teaching young children – and what parents can do with their children to compensate for these mistakes

. the benefits of doing Image Streaming sessions with a partner when you can

. how Win thinks that Dr Stephen Hawking used a similar technique to Image Streaming to come up with his ground-breaking insights into the nature of the universe – which earned him the Nobel Prize

. why it’s important to avoid asking “Am I doing this right?”

. why a technique called High Think Tank, taught on the Genius Code lessons, is so powerful for giving clear, specific answers to questions posed

. one of the main reasons why motivation drops in a business, and how to correct it quickly

. tips Win would give to those who are new to Image Streaming

… and you’ll hear Win do two very brief Image Streams with his interpretations. This is a lovely, lovely recording with Win chuckling away happily.

30 day-no-questions-asked money-back guarantee! We offer a 60-day money-back guarantee, and, you’ll understand why I’m absolutely convinced you’ll soon be getting genius answers from your Image Streaming.

So I’m going to give you a 30 days to try out the course. If you’re not churning out idea after idea of easy solutions to any problem you pose then I insist that you return your goods for a full, no-questions-asked refund. Here’s the cost of each option:

  1. The Basic Course – where you get the 8 recordings and Genius Code workbook – is just £199 plus p&p
  2. The Deluxe Edition (this is the deal I think you’ll really want) which includes everything in the Basic Course plus the 4 powerful recordings. All this for just £299 plus p&p

How to order

Please, please don’t let another moment go by: order right this minute click here to go to our shop! Please read this…

I’m sure you’ve heard of the radio programme Desert Island Discs. Well, if I could take only two techniques/lessons sets/devices onto a desert island then one of them would have to be Genius Code. With these two I know I’d stay happy, sane, and leave the island a much more balanced, smarter and wiser person. On a more specific level, just in the last few weeks of listening to the recordings and practicing Image Streaming, I’ve come up with breakthrough ideas that I’m certain will bring an additional £250,000 in revenue in the next 9 months – and I know there’s more my Image Stream will be offering me soon! I’m flying high, feeling very alive, and feeling a deep sense of security that my inner mind is always on hand to give me clever solutions whatever I ask.

You may not be surprised to learn that Paul Scheele’s two sons have used Image Streaming, and have excelled through high school and college with A’s as a result. Paul says:”They discern what their inner mind says, and they use it to their advantage. They’ve cracked their ‘genius code.'” You may not have children, but I think you know that parents only want the best for their children, and Image Streaming is essential if you want to stay ahead and excel in life. Give yourself a gift: order Genius Code today. You know me well enough by now to know that I only want the best for you. So try it – I know you’ll fall in love with it. And I guarantee you’ll feel smarter, more confident, more creative and inventive just from doing what Win calls the Ten-Ten Test: 10 minutes of Image Streaming a day for 10 days.

All our best for your success

Christopher for LifeTools

P.S. I am so thrilled with what Image Streaming has done for me that I’m going to make you 10 promises which I believe you’ll experience as you work your way through the lessons…

. multiple ideas and solutions will be popping into your head within one to 10 minutes of posing any question

. you’ll feel far more creative and inventive than you have ever done before

. your visualisation skills will have improved many times over – so you’ll be able to see in your mind’s eye what you really want from life, which makes that so much more likely to happen

. if you’re studying, you’ll be making major inroads into previously challenging subjects

. you’ll be PhotoReading books at 25,000 words a minute – and you’ll feel much more confident about getting information from books quickly

. you’ll have unique insights on some of the greatest minds who have ever lived – you’ll understand with certainty how Einstein, Edison, Tesla, Galileo and others tapped into their inner genius – because you’ll be doing the same

. you’ll appreciate your favourite music at a far deeper level as it comes alive in your mind

. your intuition will be far, far keener – and you’ll trust it more

. you’ll feel a profound sense of abundance, truly trusting that you can rely on your inner mind to find clever solutions to any problems you pose

. you’ll be doing Image Streaming with your partner and/or children, and you’ll feel far more connected to them than you ever did before

You will see results as soon as you start to Image Stream – but if, after two months, you can’t tick off many of the above – I insist that you return the Genius Code package for a full, unconditional refund*.

Order Now HERE

*Refund policy applies on goods that come back that look as if they have been copied, abused or have items missing. Workbooks are expected to be written in.

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