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In the Deluxe Edition you get everything mentioned in the introduction letter, plus a whole host of extras. These include 3 Image Streaming booster CDs consisting of the three best hours of the 8 hours that Michael Campbell and I spent together. – said Chris Payne
Update – you now get the Genius Code Accelrator as a part of the Deluxe element – therefore the standard course AND the accelerator make up the deluxe.

Contents of the Deluxe:

Main Course:

    • Audio Set 1:
    • Audio Set 2:
      Image Streaming & Receiving Information from Your Inner Genius
    • Audio Set 3:
      Over-the-Wall & Interpreting Information
    • Audio Set 4:
      Interpreting Information & Activating Your Genius
    • Audio Set 5:
      PhotoReading, Direct Learning, & High Think Tank Exercises
    • Audio Set 6:
      Psi Hypothesis & Dreaming for Creative Problem Solving
    • Audio Set 7:
      Borrowed Genius & Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder
    • Audio Set 8:
      Conclusion & Genius Code Paraliminal


  • Course Manual
  • Think Visually mini-book


Genius Code Live Video Sets

Video Set 1

  1. Discover Your Genius
  2. Tapping Your Image Stream
  3. Course Purpose
  4. Image Streaming Practice
  5. Image Streaming and Mind Mapping
  6. Image Streaming Exercise 1
  7. Blockers and Developers
  8. Image Streaming Exercise 2
  9. Debriefing, Bouncing, and Breathing
  10. Interpreting Information
  11. High Think Tank and Triangulation
  12. High Think Tank Exercise
  13. High Think Tank Debrief
  14. High Think Tank with Three Doors

Video Set 2

  1. Over-the-Wall
  2. Over-the-Wall Exercise
  3. Exercise Your Brain
  4. The Learning Process and Robo-Octopus
  5. Borrowed Genius
  6. Borrowed Genius Exercise
  7. Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder
  8. Advanced Civilization Toolbuilder Exercise
  9. Choosing the Right Technique

Accelerator Course:

TeleSeminar Audio Sessions

  • Audio Set 1:
    Image Stream Connectivity
  • Audio Set 2:
    Problem Solving
  • Audio Set 3:
  • Audio Set 4:
    Accelerated Learning

Workshop Audio Sessions

  • Audio Sets 5-8:
    Lucid Dreaming

30-Day High Think Tank Challenge Kit


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