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The PhotoReading Personal Learning Course has been put together so you can learn how to PhotoRead at your own pace in the least amount of time. By the end of the first recording you will be PhotoReading a test book, and having some amazing experiences.

Just imagine these immediate developments:

 In your first hour with the course you’ll be PhotoReading the test book, thinking of any word, and you’ll know exactly where it is located on the page. This is your first proof that PhotoReading is working.

 After 4 more hours of study you’ll be PhotoReading one of your own books – and getting real proof that you’re learning information at faster rates than ever before.

 After a few more days you’ll be mastering ANY book in one quarter of the usual time, and with 75% comprehension. So instead of spending 8 hours reading a book at your normal rate with a typical 25-40% comprehension, you’ll be spending just 2 hours with 75% comprehension.

 In weeks you will be able to get everything you want to know from any book – no matter how thick – in as little as 30 minutes.

 And over time, you might even break through the 25,000 words a minute barrier and take PhotoReading to even greater heights!

What’s more, PhotoReading does not require continual practice: once you’ve learned the techniques you’ve learned them for good…

…though of course it makes sense to PhotoRead regularly so you don’t get rusty.

If you want more proof…

Just look what these people achieved!…

Superior Reading Skills…

“Best results: The feeling of having an overall understanding of a book after only 30 minutes using the PhotoReading Whole Mind System
M King, Surbiton

“From scratch, I PhotoRead two months of Open University coursework and completed the associated assignment in one afternoon. I got 95% (I expected nearer 20%).”
I Doherty, West Drayton

We have far far more testimonials and information relating to skills, benefits and insights – so I would just get the course now and throw yourself at it!


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