PhotoReading Turbocharger

Announcing the PhotoReading Turbocharger

Learn to PhotoRead better than ever by watching Paul Scheele demonstrate every step on DVD

Astonishing CDs and reports answer probably every question you’ve ever had

Dear friend,

If you already own the PhotoReading course, I have some important news to tell you.

As you probably know I first learned to PhotoRead about 7 years ago and I was so staggered at how well the system worked that I started to promote it here in the UK.

Thousands of people now own the course, and I’ve personally spoken to hundreds of them and maybe you too.

I’ve scribbled down people’s breathless success stories, and spent up to an hour at a time helping those who felt stuck. Sometimes I played the Dictionary Game with them there and then over the phone and, in most cases, they astonished themselves by getting word positions spot on.

I even helped a BBC journalist to correctly locate the position of a word live on Radio Lincoln!

You know from our newsletters about many of these successes, and of the ideas and strategies

I’ve used to help people get much better results with the ‘whole mind system.’

I am totally committed to having every owner of the course experience miraculous results with PhotoReading.

So a few months ago I had the idea to create a new package which would help anybody who owned the course get massively turbocharged results.

I talked at length with Pete Bissonette who is Paul Scheele’s business partner in the States.

I discovered that Paul had created a dynamic film which summarized all the PhotoReading steps, however the very talented production company which had made the film had gone bust.

The original high quality masters had been destroyed, and all he had was a VHS copy of the film. He sent it over to me so I could have a look and I was blown away.

In 50 information-crammed minutes Paul demonstrates all the key steps to the PhotoReading system in a way that anyone with the CDs can master it was brilliant and exactly what I was looking for.

Once I’d seen it, I rang Pete back, and he agreed to sell me the publishing rights for £9,000. This was a lot of money, but I knew that once PhotoReaders in the UK saw it they would understand PhotoReading at a whole new level and start to get much better results with the system.

I sent the film to a friend of mine, Roger Boden, who is a genius sound and film production engineer, and I paid him a pretty penny to electronically clean up the film for me.

I watched the sample viewing CD Roger made for me and was thoroughly delighted with what he had achieved.

We were rocking and rolling!

I then put a massive amount of time and energy into collating and organising everything I had ever written about PhotoReading, together with all my favourite customer stories and their hints and tips.

And now, at long last, I’ve finished and I’m thrilled with the results.

What I’ve created is called PhotoReading Turbocharger

… because, no matter where you are with PhotoReading, this package will propel your skill level to dizzying heights.

I am so excited to tell you all this today that I jumped out of bed at 5.35 this morning, and here I am in my bedroom at 5.45, tapping away on my laptop while Catherine, my wife, is still fast asleep in bed!

You see…

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never even opened the PhotoReading box and listened to a single recording.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve tried the Dictionary Game and never made it work.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only PhotoRead the PhotoReading book and never tried the system with a ‘real’ book.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve PhotoRead a pile of books and got little or no results.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re now a skilled PhotoReader and you’re getting A grades when you used to get Cs or Ds

… because this package is so crammed with fabulous strategies, real world examples and inspiration galore that you simply must see your PhotoReading skills soar to even higher levels after studying the material for just a few brief hours.

Everything you need to get breathtaking results

The cornerstone of PhotoReading Turbocharger is the 50-minute DVD of Paul Scheele demonstrating all the steps of the PhotoReading system in front of four beginners. You’ll discover…

the fastest, smoothest way to turn pages at the rate of one a second or faster see how to ‘walk’ your thumb and index finger

exactly where you place an ‘invisible tangerine’ on the top back part of your head to open up your peripheral vision

how to see the floating ‘cocktail weenie’ (sausage)

the not uncommon condition which can get in the way of you seeing the cocktail weenie

how to activate the material you’ve PhotoRead

the science that explains why PhotoReading works so well

the one key question to ask yourself after you’ve Previewed a book

the 3 things you should have gained from Previewing

4 things you must do to get into an accelerative learning state

3 affirmations to say to yourself before you begin to PhotoRead

the 3 crucial steps to getting into PhotoFocus

the minimum time you must leave after you PhotoRead before you begin any activation

the 4 important steps to take to activate any book

a key question to ask before you even begin the Activation process

a recommended maximum number of seconds to spend on any page while SuperReading

why it’s sometimes best to PhotoRead first before Previewing

the benefits of PhotoReading a novel first before reading it at ‘normal’ speed

the 2 beliefs you must have to ensure you succeed with PhotoReading

the key similarities between how young children learn and how you PhotoRead

6 internal signals to watch out for which can tell you that PhotoReading is working

4 steps you can take to significantly improve your reading effectiveness even when you haven’t done the PhotoReading step

… and so much more!

Paul is a true performer. He is simply mesmerising to watch. When you see the ease and grace with which he PhotoReads a book lightbulbs will start to pop in your brain. You’ll be grabbing books off your bookshelf and PhotoReading them with gusto.

And there’s so much to take in on the DVD that I think you watch it over and over again, just as I have done.

As we’ve only just launched this package, the feedback from customers is only just beginning to come back. Here’s what they’ve been saying…

“The PhotoReading DVD is definitely worth having. You get to see Paul do the process in front of your eyes. I would have misunderstood the process if I hadn’t seen it being done.” Ravi Solanki, Solihull, West Midlands

the fact that you can see PhotoReading demonstrated is very, very useful. I’m sure I’ll keep referring back to it from time to time. Mr E Kielty, Presbyterian minister, Llanfair, Wales

But there’s more!

On the same DVD I’ve also added 3 other segments which will amaze and delight you…

an 8-minute segment showing TV personality Gary Rebstock being taught the PhotoReading steps by Paul Scheele; Gary doing special Brain Gym exercises to improve his mental clarity; and Gary’s obvious excitement as all that he’s learned from a book just pours out of his mouth. It’s incredibly inspiring and brilliantly filmed.

a short TV news interview with Paul Scheele during which he explains exactly why ‘normal’ slow reading is difficult for the brain to do, and why some people have reading difficulties like dyslexia which PhotoReading can help resolve.

a 10-minute segment which you may have seen already: a promotional DVD I put together with a very talented camera crew which briefly shows the PhotoReading steps. It even includes audio extracts from a US radio interview I did where I answered correctly all their questions about a 350-page book called Sudden Prey which I’d studied for just 30 minutes. You’ll hear my bewilderment at getting the questions right, and this is just so cool! from the radio crew.

This extra material makes PhotoReading an awe-inspiring, mind expanding package. Watching Paul perform the PhotoReading techniques as very very helpful, and every PhotoReader should see this DVD, and more than once. However I am not a lover of background music and found the background music that played when Paul was talking with the four students got in the way for me and meant that I had to concentrate more to hear what he was saying. the Gary Rebstock story was very good as he started out as a doubting Thomas and very quickly became a believer. All the segments helped me see the tremendous potential benefits that PhotoReading can give. Roy Snape, Stretford

In addition you get 2 information-packed audio CDs…

a CD interview with Pete Bissonette called the 5-Day PhotoReading Plan, and More. I recorded it in when Pete last came over to the UK. Pete has been tested at 693,000 words a minute: PhotoReading US Patent Law off a computer screen flashing 30 pages a second. (During a test he was asked to draw seven patents, and got six of them right.) On this CD he talks for a full hour, offering some brilliant techniques which you’ll be itching to try for yourself. This CD had never been published before.

a rare interview with Paul Scheele recorded after the last seminar he ran for us in London. On the CD he answers detailed question after detailed question from PhotoReaders around the UK which I had collated and brought to him. This is a real eye-opener, full of simple, practical tips and ‘golden nuggets’ which will educate, enlighten and highly motivate you.

… and you get a 54-page PhotoReading Deluxe reports book consisting of 25 chapters, and 25,500 words including…

specific strategies for making the Dictionary Game work within minutes, no matter how badly you may have done in the past.

precise questions you can answer which will uncover your preferred learning style. You’ll find out whether you should be ‘seeing’ where words are located on the page, ‘listening’ for an inner voice that will tell you the position, or ‘feeling’ where words are located.

detailed photographs and descriptions of 7 special exercises you can do while standing up or sitting down which are proven to reduce dyslexia and get anyone into a focused state for optimum mental performance based on a system called Brain Gym.

carefully worded questions based a unique exercise, to help you let go of any anxiety, disbelief, exam nerves, or lack of confidence on the spot, so that whatever you then PhotoRead will be much more readily available to you later.

the exact sessions you can use on a light and sound device like the MindLab to accelerate your PhotoReading success.

how you can retrieve information from your mind about books you haven’t even looked at for years this will blow your mind!

… and if the PhotoReading book you own isn’t the latest, 3rd edition of the PhotoReading book then you’re in for a real treat because I’ve included all the new information that’s in there too as a separate report…

Postviewing as an alternative to the traditional previewing option and as a key transition step between PhotoReading and activation.

Incubation as a discrete step in the PhotoReading process and 300 words on how to do it

the inside information on the 11-step Skittering technique you can use as an alternative to super reading and dipping. Paul included this to help those who struggle with super reading.

A new description of dipping enhanced by reading expert Dr. Michael Bennett’s rhythmic perusal method.

Phew! That’s a lot of new material but it’s all meticulously laid out so you can find exactly what you are looking for as quickly as possible.

I don’t care how slowly you are currently reading even if you still move your lips silently as you read one word at a time. And I don’t care how good or bad you are at PhotoReading because this package will change all that forever.

Now I know you may be feeling a little sceptical that you really can get so much more out of PhotoReading using the Turbocharger package. I have run LifeTools since 1995, and 45,000 people have trusted us enough to buy from us. I’ve learned that the vast majority of people in this country are very honest, so I’m going to do something just for you…

….. I’m going to give you our 30 day money-back guarantee on the Turbocharger. If you’re not vacuuming up books in your local library or bookstore at 25,000 words per minute within days of starting to use it, I insist that you return the package for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

This package, called PhotoReading Turbocharger, costs £99.00.

Order now and get a FREE second DVD

Just in case you’re not already chomping at the bit and bursting to ring up and order right now, I think I’ve got a real clincher for you…

If you decide to order either PhotoReading Turbocharger package in the next 14 days, we will also send you a second DVD called the Genius of Paul Scheele which I managed to get Pete Bissonette to include in exchange for my £9,000 payment. It contains…

a programme called Slaying the Paper Dragon in which Paul Scheele shows you in detail some stunning strategies for efficiently dealing with the mounds of paper that come into your home or onto your desk at work.

a jaw-droppingly insightful programme called Creative Problem Solving in which Paul teaches you the best methods he knows to help you come up with innovative solutions to any problem in double-quick time.

these really are wonderful, wonderful programmes. In the first Paul includes more detail about how exactly to get into the perfect PhotoFocus state and in the second Paul uses a puzzle and a brilliant riddle to show you how to come up with genius solutions to any problem. You’ve got to see this!

“This is a very good DVD. Paul Scheele really got my thinking going about problem solving I filled a few foolscap pages of notes. He set my mind on fire as he came at the subject from a very, very important angle.”

Mr E Kielty, Llanfair, Wales

What’s more, in the staggeringly unlikely event that you want a refund, you can send back all the Turbocharger material, but keep this second DVD with my compliments.

If you have any questions please ring 01782 360069 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. If you leave a message on our call machine, we will call you back the very next working day.

How to order

Please, please don’t let another moment go by: order PhotoReading Turbocharger RIGHT HERE.

Note: The DVD’s in this package are European format, customers wanting other formats need to purchase this course and have them formatted at a local outlet to their local format

My warmest regards,


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