PhotoReading – Which Version To Get

There are two ways you can learn more…

First is the Basic Course. In this you get:

  1.  8 carefully crafted CDs to guide you gently into a mastery of the PhotoReading techniques
  2. 30,000-word dictionary that you’ll PhotoRead in minutes to amazing effect
  3. Memory Supercharger CD that combines with PhotoReading to tremendously increase your recall of what you read
  4. 68-page A4 workbook containing a wealth of support materials
  5. The definitive 156-page PhotoReading book. As well as being the full reference on PhotoReading it’s packed with inspirational stories from other students worldwide
  6. Additional Natural Brilliance book worth £12.95 to unblock your unborn abilities to learn
  7. Telephone support during office hours

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I don’t care how slowly you read even if you move your lips silently as you read one word at a time – because this system will change all that forever.

But wait… there’s more.

I have a second option to offer you. It’s called the Deluxe Edition, and, in addition to everything mentioned above, it includes three DVDs and an additional CD containing…

Watch these three DVDs to soar to higher levels of reading and learning performance.

You will see three one-hour television documentaries that follow PhotoReading students who take their accomplishments to the next level.

Watch six students do the PhotoReading challenge on TV. They will each be given thirty minutes to get through a thick book and be grilled on stage in front of a live audience. See what they do. Hear Paul Scheele describe how they do it so you can do the same.

You’ll also receive 11 “Special Features” on the DVDs that show you:

• how to PhotoRead multiple books on a single subject all at the same time

• how to free yourself from emotional tension that limits learning

• how to energize your body from head to toe

• how to use a creative form of brainstorming to vastly improve your comprehension of books

• how to take notes to dramatically increase retention

• how to use PhotoReading in school

• how to gently tap your body in a unique manner to stimulate brain activity

…and so much more

In addition you get the PhotoReading Activator Paraliminal title to master PhotoReading.

Listen daily with your eyes closed to wire PhotoReading into your genius mind.

This special CD is normally only available to students in our seminars. It is offered as a bonus with the Deluxe Course for a limited time.

This is wonderful extra material, so you get to become an expert PhotoReader in the shortest possible time.

NB: You do not need to get the Deluxe Edition to get the very most out of PhotoReading. Thousands of people around the UK have had enormous success from PhotoReading without these extras. However the Deluxe Edition, literally hot off the press, is the package I would recommend the most highly.

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