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Announcing the launch of PhotoReading Supercharger

Learn to PhotoRead better than ever by watching Paul Scheele and others on 3 DVDs and utilising a special additional recording.

Dear friend,

If you already own the PhotoReading set, I have some important news to tell you.

As you probably know I first learned to PhotoRead about 7 years ago and I was so staggered at how well the system worked that I started to promote it here in the UK.

Thousands of people now own the course, and I’ve personally spoken to hundreds of them and maybe you too.

I’ve scribbled down people’s breathless success stories (read some by clicking here), and spent up to an hour at a time helping those who felt stuck. Sometimes I played the Dictionary Game with them there and then over the phone and, in most cases, they astonished themselves by getting word positions spot on.

I even helped a BBC journalist to correctly locate the position of a word live on Radio Lincoln!

You know from our newsletters about many of these successes, and of the ideas and strategies

I’ve used to help people get much better results with the ‘whole mind system.’

I am totally committed to having every owner of the course experience miraculous results with PhotoReading, that I am now promoting the PhotoReading Supercharger which includes 3 DVDs and a new CD!

Watch these three DVDs to soar to higher levels of reading and learning performance.

You will see three one-hour television documentaries that follow PhotoReading students who take their accomplishments to the next level.

Watch six students do the PhotoReading challenge on TV. They will each be given thirty minutes to get through a thick book and be grilled on stage in front of a live audience. See what they do. Hear Paul Scheele describe how they do it so you can do the same.

You’ll also receive 11 “Special Features” on the DVDs that show you:

• how to PhotoRead multiple books on a single subject all at the same time

• how to free yourself from emotional tension that limits learning

• how to energize your body from head to toe

• how to use a creative form of brainstorming to vastly improve your comprehension of books

• how to take notes to dramatically increase retention

• how to use PhotoReading in school

• how to gently tap your body in a unique manner to stimulate brain activity

…and so much more

In addition you get the PhotoReading Activator Paraliminal CD to master PhotoReading.

Listen daily with your eyes closed to wire PhotoReading into your genius mind.

This special CD is normally only available to students in our seminars.

This is wonderful extra material, so you get to become an expert PhotoReader in the shortest possible time.

Now I know you may be feeling a little sceptical that you really can get so much more out of PhotoReading using the Supercharger package. I have run LifeTools for the last nine years, and 45,000 people have trusted us enough to buy from us. I’ve learned that the vast majority of people in this country are very honest, so I’m going to do something I’ve never done before…

If you have any questions please ring 01782 360069 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. If you leave a message on our voice mail, we will call you back the very next working day.  Use our Contact Form or the social media links at the bottom.

How to order

Please, please don’t let another moment go by: order PhotoReading Supercharger right this minute.

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My warmest regards,

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