Paraliminal NLP Recordings Introduction

PARALIMINAL  Para=Beyond  Liminal=Threshold

“beyond the threshold of conscious awareness”

It is a key to changing your mind

It is a key to creating new positive behaviours

It is a key to overcoming phobias and anxieties

It is a key to…..well, read on, I will explain.

Background Information #1

How Your Brain Works

It is common knowledge that, in simple terms, the left hand side of the brain deals with lateral, analytical and logical, whilst the right side of the brain deals with artistic, story and creative based thinking.

This is important to remember, as it forms the core of how the brain ‘learns’ using the Paraliminal technology.

Background Information #2

How repetition helps reinforce and strengthen memory

Repetitive Learning

This article from the BBC website (click on the image to go to the original article) talks about the importance of repetition to reinforcing and strengthening new patterns of thought and behaviour.  Important to remember.

OK, so that is the background.

So how does it work?  Well, it uses Neuro Linguistic Programming {NLP a name that encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language andprogramming} to help retrain the brain.  It is used by people and businesses who are into personal development and are self aware that they need or want to make positive changes.

This means that Paul Scheele uses whole mind learning and NLP to bring about change.

You put your recording or MP3 player at the ready, you put your headphones on (it needs headphones and a quiet location) and then relax and press the play button.

Then the MAGIC Starts

The Paraliminal recording starts with Paul Scheele bringing you into a very relaxed state of being before he starts to work his genius.

The image above with the brain’s hemispheres and what each half does (yes it is over simplistic, but it makes a point) shows that if you can use mental programming to be both creative and logical, you get a ‘whole’ brain experience.  So what does this mean for the Paraliminal recordings?

To demonstrate exactly how it works, I am going to use one of the most popular titles in the series of recordings, the Self Esteem Supercharger.

This title is designed to help you “Gain profound confidence and feel great about yourself”.  Paul combines unique 3D sound recording, holosync (binaural beats) techniques, NLP principles and whole mind learning to help you get the “profound confidence”.

After Paul gets you into a relaxed state he then starts on the reprogramming.  He does this by splitting the messages that come out of your headphone.  Out of the left ear you will start to hear positive affirmations, logical and straight messages carefully designed to be positive positives and not negative positives (email para@lifetools.com to find out further information about this).  This is easily understood and absorbed by that side of the mind.  Then in the right ear he starts to craft a story, a creative message for which the right side of the brain can accept easily.  This message is designed and complimentary with the left ear message.  Hence whole mind learning.

However, this is the GENIUS part

Paul starts by letting you hear the left ear message clearly and then, breaking off, starts on the right ear message, so you can start to hear both the logical affirmation, the the creative story, back to the positive message and then back to the artistic message.  This alternates UNTIL Paul starts to overlap the messages, and then the brain reacts!  It wants to control what it hears, it has to understand otherwise the recording will not work, and that is just a myth.  The brain fights and then it ends up loosing the fight and you shut down as the brain goes into a far deeper state of relaxation.

Then the power and genius of the Paraliminal recording really gets to work.  The mind is no longer able to filter the messages it is hearing, it no longer tries to understand what is being said, it just accepts the messages and then the information is being stored (as per the article).

To demonstrate this, I have edited a 30 second episode, from exactly the same place in the recording, so you can hear (without the use of headphones), the left side message, then the right side message, then both messages as they overlap more.  You may hear faintly in the first 2 recordings a little of the other message overlap, but it will be far fainter than the main message.

Left audio recording

Right audio recording

Balanced full audio recording (if it is safe to do so, try listening to this with headphones)

{to obtain a copy of these email admin@lifetools.com}

Each recording only lasts around 20 minutes and are all structured to introduce you to the recording, relax you, start with the split messages and gradually overlap them and then an ending to bring you back around and alert.

DO NOT use or listen to whilst driving, operating machinery or in any other situation where being deeply relaxed can be dangerous.

It is advised to use a recording daily for the first two weeks and then every other day the third week and then maybe weekly or as and when afterwards. The repetition from the first two weeks will have started to have a profound effect in bringing around the desired change you want.

They are a unique blend of lots of technologies and techniques to bring about a powerful and effective change.   With over 40 titles they cover everything from your ‘Self Esteem’ to ‘Smoking’, from ‘Getting Active’ to ‘Gaining New Behaviours’, from ‘Developing an Effective Memory’ to ‘Pre Learning Preparation’ and so many more.

There is even a brilliant single shorter 10 minute recording called the ’10 Minute Supercharger’ designed to give you a mental sauna –  a brain massage! A head shower and cleanser.  Just total refreshment for when you are feeling sluggish and want a pick-me-up.

So that is what a Paraliminal recording is, how it works and what it does.  What is it not, there are no “questionable” subliminal messages on your recordings. Paul also doesn’t consider them ‘hypnotic inductions’. You will find no short-term motivational hype. You will not hear fluffy affirmations or wishful positive statements.

For further information please use the contact form, ask for a copy, and we will get you your information pack. CONTACT HERE

We have over 30 titles that have a wide variety of help with a vast number of testimonials at how they have changed lives! See the titles HERE.

Once you have tried 1 recording from start to finish you will see why the Paraliminal recordings are like no other recording out there.

Para Liminal

Beyond Limits

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