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10 Minute Supercharger Paraliminal Recording

Energize your body and mind in minutes with this powerful Paraliminal recording

10-Minute Supercharger revitalizes the body, clears the mind, and channels energy to bring forth your full productivity and enjoyment all day long.


Clearly tell yourself how you want to feel after listening.

You can now listen to your session. Read the rest at your leisure.


  • Clear away fatigue and revitalize.
  • Multiply your concentration and energy during low-energy doldrums.
  • Improve your productivity by drawing on your natural abilities to rest and refresh.
  • With each listening session recover an extra 45 to 90 minutes of productive energy by the end of the day.


The session begins with precisely designed, indirect suggestions to relax within. A countdown from five to one deepens your quiet state.

As with all other Paraliminal recordings, 10-Minute Supercharger features original music. Gradually the notes blend into the gurgling of a stream. Nature sounds along with gently moving voice tracks help your nonconscious resources become available to accomplish your goal for the session.


Before listening to the session, tell yourself how you want to feel when you finish. Then clearly say to yourself, “When the session is over, I will be…” and finish the statement with your desired benefits. For example, you might say, “…refreshed and ready to enter the committee meeting with confidence and poise.” Or, “…thoroughly recharged with ample energy to make it through the rest of the day.” Or, “…completely relaxed and balanced.”

If you start with very low energy, you may feel pleasantly groggy after listening. It may take you 5 to 10 minutes to experience the full refreshing effect of the session.

Put your phone on hold and listen in your office. Listen at home, at a highway rest area, or any other place where you can make time for yourself.


Have you ever needed to take a nap, but awakened feeling as though you were useless for the rest of  the day? Some people dread napping, because afterward they can’t regain their snap. With 10-Minute Supercharger you will wake refreshed and within 10 more minutes you are at full vitality, ready to go.

10-Minute Supercharger gives you a deep restful experience quickly that leaves you feeling bright and alert.

Your brain learns how to shift brain channels as easily as changing channels on a television. During the first week of using the 10-Minute Supercharger, your brain gets used to quickly shifting channels. Going deep and fast into sleep-like states initially may leave you feeling logy; if so, simply give yourself five to ten minutes to let your body and mind achieve the fully supercharged state of energy and clarity.

Some people love the first listening session so much that they immediately do another session for the pure delight of the experience. That’s fine if you choose to repeat.

10-Minute Supercharger is the perfect way to revitalize when drowsy. Originally created for the busy executive lifestyle, it was meant to be kept with a set of headphones in the desk drawer so it could be used during the, usual post-lunch energy drop. Consider refreshing yourself with this recording.


Whenever you sense a need for a pick-me-up or a quick energy boost.

After a workout. When the clock says 4 p.m., but you feel like midnight.

Instead of an afternoon coffee, candy, or cola. Replenish your energy without the side effects of caffeine or sugar. Multiply your concentration and effectiveness.

Before a presentation or an important meeting. Supercharge before tennis or golf. Supercharge before a test, after the relatives leave, after an airplane flight, or whenever you feel yourself dragging.


The unique protocol of 10-Minute Supercharger was originally designed for an exceedingly successful sales executive who came to me as a personal development client. He often returned home so exhausted from his busy workday that he could never seem to reboot his internal energy system. His goal was to enjoy his evenings with the same energy and enthusiasm that he experienced in his work life.

He and I called the recording I created for him The Buffer-Zone Transition. He listened to it daily after returning home before having dinner with his family. This energizing transition created the perfect buffer between his work life and his personal life. It gave him time to integrate the workday, clear his mind, release any stresses, and supercharge his energy—all in the brief span of 10 minutes. He transformed the end of his day into quality time. Soon he no longer needed to listen, because his body automatically learned to use its energy more efficiently.

Listening to 10-Minute Supercharger confers a grateful body, a quiet mind, and rebounding vitality in 10 minutes of relaxation that lasts all day.

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