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Prosperity can help attract anything to you from financial wealth to a healthy state of abundance in mind, body, and spirit. Consider prosperity as a rich abundance of any resource such as energy, confidence, relationships, health, patience, mental clarity, business opportunities, household goods, clothing, talents, and skills.


  • Select an area of your life where you desire more abundance.
  • Think of what you specifically desire.
  • Ask yourself, “If I could experience it right now, would I accept it?” If not, pause to get clear on what you really want to create.

You can now listen to your session. Read the rest at your leisure.


  • Focus your mind on what you desire to create, and automatically draft a new blueprint for the life you want.
  • Deeply communicate your specific desires so that the powerful resources of your mind, body, and spirit align for your success.
  • Attract the opportunities and resources you need from the world of abundant possibilities all around you.
  • Replace fear and anxiety about the future with clear choice and deep conviction.
  • Fade negative beliefs about lack of time, energy, and money. Open the flow of abundant prosperity into your life.
  • Discover optimism and confidence as you achieve the goals most important to you.
  • Channel your mental, emotional, and physical energy, and create your desired future with greater ease.
  • Live more fully in the present moment and gain access to the vast wealth of your inner resources.


The opposite of abundance is impoverishment or need. When you dwell on how many ways you lack what you want, you condition your habitual thoughts, words, and actions to block prosperity, create more limitations, and maintain deficits. With the Prosperity session, you build a consciousness of prosperity—an ever expanding awareness that accepts the flow of abundance into your life. Through strengthened WILL and BELIEF you transform your habitual words and actions to reap the riches available to you now.

You begin the Prosperity listening session by establishing a clear goal and then selecting an area of your life where you desire more abundance such career, financial, health and well-being, home, transportation, relationships and education. After that, think of what you ideally desire to experience. For example, if you are looking at financial abundance, you might ask for what the money will bring you rather than asking directly for the money.
Making the choice to openly invite a change in your life includes that question, “If I could experience the ideal, would I choose to have it right now?” If “no,” take time to decide what you want to create. If “yes” then are you ready to begin your journey to abundant success including a more powerful WILL (the power to choose) and BELIEF (the conviction that you deserve abundance).
The journey you take on the Prosperity session includes a metaphorical encounter with a male and a female teacher who possess great wisdom. They invite you to enter a room where you contemplate and embrace the condition you desire. In this way you communicate and emphatically affirm your purpose, bypassing previous thoughts of lack and limitation. Clearing the way to take powerful action, you are ready to manifest your ideal and live the life of prosperity and abundance you so richly deserve.


When you hear yourself complaining about the way things are, you are using your conversations to keep yourself stuck. Stop it. Ask yourself “What do I want instead?” Your answer to that question becomes your goal for the next Prosperity session.

When you feel hemmed in by circumstances, you are probably feeling lack or limitation. That feeling may be that the world is causing your emotional state, rather than you creating the state you desire and influencing the world. Examples include the student who obsesses about finals, the person who worries about taxes, the homeowner concerned about getting repairs handled, and the employee overwhelmed about a big project. Whatever the felt limitation, use Prosperity to attract what you need.

Prosperity can be used for many goals. One use that many people enjoy is to create a quick energy boost during a project. Not only does the listening give you a much needed rest, it also puts you back on your feet with increased confidence and vision for the results you strive to create. Before sleep, Prosperity is the choice of many who want to wake up more refreshed and rested. The optimistic feeling that greets you when you open your eyes to the new day is pure joy.

The recommended listening schedule for Prosperity varies depending on the desired goal and your history of lack or limitation. Generally, one to three listening sessions is sufficient for each goal, and you may want to reinforce it two or three weeks in the future. For deeply imbedded feelings of lack, listen to Prosperity daily for one week, then listen weekly or whenever you want to reaffirm your power in life.


The Prosperity session is a valuable companion to most other Paraliminals because it helps focus your mind on your goals. For example, if you listen to Anxiety-Free to diminish stage fright, you may use Prosperity to bring on the attitude of a great communicator.

You can certainly use Prosperity for increasing financial wealth. Set your desired outcome as receiving money. Based on the experience of customers, however, we encourage you to think about what you intend to do with the money. Set your goal as an expanded wardrobe, travel, new furniture, financial freedom, education, computer, or whatever you want. Be creative and be open to things you may not have considered. For example, if you want money for buying a new car you can use Prosperity to receive a good price on a specific model or a good price on a car that meets a list of your specific needs. You may be attracted to a better car at a better price that meets your needs. It will probably be a car you had not considered but fits better with your life and gives you more enjoyment.

To expand the ways you can receive abundance, think of other ways of stating what you desire. For example, instead of asking for an A in school, ask for a better understanding of the subject and for ways to demonstrate your knowledge. Then you may receive an A in the class, a lasting education, a better quality of life, and a greater income. Be positive when answering the questions at the beginning of the recording.

Avoid using negative words or stating your desired experiences as “not wanting” to do or have something. Instead of “not wanting to feel depressed,” choose “wanting to feel alive, alert, and positive.” Instead of “not wanting to be overweight,” choose “wanting to reach and maintain your ideal weight.”

If your desired experience is to be free of aches and pains, you could say “I want health and well-being throughout my body, especially in (specify the area).” Stating your desired result in a positive terms allows your brain to easily locate the resources you need and create the results you want. When stating your desired experience for the listening session, avoid words with a negative emotional charge for you. For example, if you are having financial problems, avoid focusing on the words “owe” or “debt.” Instead use your equivalent to “financial abundance” or “increased riches.” If you don’t like your job, avoid focusing on images, feelings, and words about your job. Instead, you might state your desired experience as “a rewarding and fulfilling work experience that meets or exceeds my needs and expectations.” Always make sure you know what you mean by the words you choose. The key to a good goal statement is to communicate positive images and feelings that your mind can actualize.

When listening to Prosperity multiple times for a single goal, state your desired experience in various ways to optimize your choices.


Imagine a highly resourceful person living in a world of tremendous abundance. That’s you. If you don’t believe it, the Prosperity Paraliminal session is essential. What keeps us from recognizing our birthright to abundance has to do with negative mental programming. That programming can be changed quickly. The positive words and actions that follow will lead to positive results.

Never has there been more opportunity for people with good ideas and a willingness to serve others. In every profession there are challenges to meet. Every industry must find ways of doing more with less. People all over the world who risk stepping forward to apply their talents can reap abundant rewards. Where does their motivation, inspiration, creativity, and insight come from? A prosperity consciousness! Rely on the abundant resources within and around you. You can learn more, faster, and do what it takes to win.

Some of the most miraculous success stories we receive from clients come from those using the Prosperity session. They report receiving sums of anonymous cash, desired promotions, unexpected meetings with important people, and a host of remarkable “coincidental” events that have led to their goals.

Think BIG! Set your sights high. There is only one caution: Be sure you want what you ask for, because receiving it will change your life.

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