Genius Code Deluxe

What if you could develop superior mental powers similar to those from the greatest minds of mankind?

Deluxe Edition
Genius Code Deluxe

In the “Deluxe Edition you get everything mentioned in the introduction letter, plus a whole host of extras. These include 3 Image Streaming booster recordings consisting of the three best hours of the 8 hours that Michael Campbell and I spent together.

You’ll hear:
Michael conducting a brief 30-second Image Stream this is so great to hear as you’ll know how to do it ‘right’.
Michael posing a question regarding a future business project, doing a 2-minute Image Stream, and then showing you how he interprets the answers
me doing an Image Stream asking for a clever metaphor to help me explain Image Streaming clearly in this sales letter and our resulting discussion about the information that came out.
Michael leading me through a 5-minute Borrowed Genius session, borrowing the mindset of the best copywriter in the world. You’ll then hear my fascinating insights from that short session.

You’ll learn how Michael…

  • generated some of the 60 ideas for inventions, and how you can generate similar creative ideas
  • uses PhotoReading with Image Streaming to help him learn new skills
  • used Image Streaming to find out why his energy was really low one day, and how the answer it gave him enabled him to boost his energy again plus how to…
  • suck yourself more into the Image Streaming experience
  • bring music to life, so you experience it in vivid detail, and help increase your creativity
  • use Image Streaming first before PhotoReading to understand any book at a deeper level when you come to study it later, and make it come to life
  • use Image Streaming to understand any complex issue in a book that you do not understand

What’s more, you’ll also get a fourth recording containing an in-depth interview with Win Wenger conducted by Image Streaming coach George Copsey. On this fascinating recording you’ll find out…

  • how Win developed Image Streaming
  • how he created all the other techniques out of his own Image Streaming sessions
  • the serious mistakes educators are making in teaching young children and what you can do with your children to compensate for these mistakes
  • the benefits of doing Image Streaming sessions with a partner when you can
  • why it’s important to avoid asking Am I doing this right?
  • why High Think Tank is so powerful for giving clear, specific answers to questions posed
  • one of the main reasons why motivation drops in a business, and how to correct it quickly
  • tips Win would give to those who are new to Image Streaming
  • how Win thinks that Dr Stephen Hawking used a similar technique to Image Streaming to come up with his ground-breaking insights into the nature of the universe which earned him the Nobel Prize… and you’ll hear Win do two very brief Image Streams with his interpretations. This is a lovely, lovely CD with Win chuckling away happily.

With this extra material, you’ll get to become an expert Image Streamer in double-quick time.

NB: You do not need to get the Deluxe Edition to get the very most out of the Genius Code course. However I am so excited about Image Streaming that I wanted to offer you the most complete set of tools so you get the very maximum benefits. If at all possible, get this version. Now I know you may be feeling a bit sceptical, because some of the claims I mentioned above may have stretched your credulity a bit, so I’m going to offer you an incredible…

30 day money-back guarantee!

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