ThoughtStream uses ‘biofeedback’ so you quickly learn to calm your mind fast in ANY stressful situation!

Make the feedback tone go lower to clear your head — you can even use it eyes open to maintain relaxed concentration while reading or studying. No more study anxiety!

Dear Friend,

I am so excited to be writing this to you! We recently
received delivery of an incredible ‘biofeedback’ device
called ThoughtStream. It’s dynamite!

Simply strap the sensor to your palm or wrist, put on the headphones and switch on the compact console.

Now look at the brightly-lit display and listen to the tone through your headphones — and allow your mind to find an easy and effortless way to change the colour of the display and lower the pitch of the sound you hear.

All you have to do is make the bars change colour and make the pitch of the note go lower to feel blissfully relaxed!

It’s that simple!

You’ll most likely find it thrilling to be able to control the lights and sound with so little effort. You’ll be learning how to take greater control of your mind, and be in charge of your mind for a change!

You’ll soon know what to do in your head to make the biggest changes — and that means you’ll go into deeper and deeper mental states.

What’s more, the instant a distracting thought appears, the pitch goes up and the lights change back! So you can then quickly focus on lowering the tone again, which clears away any thoughts — and heightens your ability to concentrate in any situation.

It’s so fascinating to see the effect of your thoughts and ‘catch’ yourself the moment the ‘mind chatter’ appears. Now you can focus on emptying your mind again by simply paying attention to the tone.

Just look what some of our very first ThoughtStream customers have written: ‘The sense of achievement in turning all the lights green (even at the easiest level) is a tremendous boost — and the deeper I go, the better!’ — Mr Hugh Astley-Jones, High Wycombe, Bucks ‘Best experience: ‘being totally centred and almost ‘out-of-body’ feeling’ — Mr Martin Laight, Penzance ‘Best experience: ‘several pleasant hypnagogic experiences in a theta-type [very deeply relaxed] state’ — Mr NWD Churchill, Lichfield, Staffs

‘What’s great about ThoughtStream too is that you can use it while watching TV, reading, writing or studying — all by just focusing on the tone, with the occasional glance at the display.

ThoughtStream guides you to even deeper states of mental clarity and focus!

This wonderful unit has eight levels — so you can learn to experience deeper and deeper states. ThoughtStream will grow with you!

And when you succeed in getting the pitch to the lowest tone, ThoughtStream will switch you to the next level — automatically, so you can go deeper still and feel even more relaxed.

ThoughtStream was designed by Robert Austin, the expert in mental training who invented the MindLab Proteus and Procyon light and sound devices.

Robert has spent four years developing ThoughtStream at a cost of £200,000 to ensure that you will get the very best results, and quickly.

Do you react ‘inappropriately’ in any of these situations?…

  • You get really wound up in busy traffic, drivers cutting in, or driving too close behind you. Then you start to get worked up by other ‘annoying’ situations from the past when you were treated badly or unfairly.
  • Soon after you get home at night, you tell your partner of the day’s frustrations — perhaps even offloading the problems onto him/her.
  • You occasionally snap at your loved ones or colleagues at your work — or even just sulk a little.
  • You get anxious about an upcoming exam, project, interview or meeting, and it plagues on your mind.
  • You put off doing certain jobs or phonecalls at work or home as you feel worried about the effort involved or a possible ‘bad’ outcome.

If you mentally said ‘Yes’ to one or more of the above — or it reminded you of other challenges in your life — then ThoughtStream could really help, and help you quickly.

Having used ThoughtStream you’ll know instantly what to do to to clear your mind, relax and take the necessary action right away.

Situations that bothered you before may no longer affect you in the same way. You’ll feel free, calm and collected. Less ‘reactive’ to the everyday challenges that used to bother you.

Do you ever meditate or pray? Or do you sometimes just try to sit quietly to collect your thoughts? By using ThoughtStream your mind should be quieter to make the very most of your meditation, prayer or quiet time.

ThoughtStream can help you focus your mind like a laser beam

  • ThoughtStream helps you concentrate on reading or writing by ensuring you get into and stay in a relaxed, focused state.
  • Reduce anxiety and phobias: bring to mind what’s bothering you, notice the pitch of the tone soar, then use your mind to lower the tone while still thinking of your ‘problem’. Within a few sessions you may notice your anxiety level much reduced.
  • A relaxed, clear mind can help you sleep deeply so you wake up refreshed.
  • Visualise more easily: once you’ve got the tone down you should notice that you can bring images to mind much more easily than usual — so you can ‘see’ yourself feeling confident while talking in front of a group of strangers, for example.
  • Increase the effectiveness of Paraliminal titles or similar titles — by starting these recordings once you’ve relaxed with ThoughtStream — because a relaxed mind quietens your critical conscious mind, and allows greater access to the subconscious which opens fully to the positive messages on the recordings.

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The ThoughtStream is currently out of production as a new device is under development. We do not have any stock, carry any spares or have any new prototypes available. If you are interested in staying informed, subscribe to our newsletter HERE and we will keep you updated via email as and when we get news.


Look! These are customers who have been using ThoughtStream and LOVE it!

‘Best experience: the feeling of being totally calm and relaxed — and yet at the same time awake — was Amazing.’ — Mrs Kay Hawkrigg, Barrow-in-Furness ‘Felt very relaxed. Felt very good. Even tempted not to smoke!’ — Mr K Mathewson, Twickenham ‘I’m a very poor sleeper. I rarely enjoy a full night’s sleep. Since trying ThoughtStream I’ve had my best night’s sleep in a long time and I feel refreshed in the morning.’ — Mr Graham Briscoe, The Wirral ‘In a break from a difficult meeting I used the device and people commented on how calm and clear I was.’ — Mr Adrian Evett, Purbrook ‘ThoughtStream is simple, very accurate and sensitive. Excellent value for money. It actually works!’ — Mr James Kemp, Kettering ‘I love its simplicity and effectiveness. I’m surprised at how quickly I notice the effects. Best experience: My deepest sleep in many years and greatest focus during my working day. I own the MindLab and various titless from you. All of them helped in relation to sport (I do yoga, t’ai chi, chi kung and jogging): greater awareness concentration and relaxation. Improved breathing. More intensive workouts but seemingly less tiring.’ – Mr HG Fegen, Paisley ‘It is easy to use and fun too. Also very effective.’ – Ms Anne Widdup, Lytham St Annes ‘Simple design. It works! Can do other things while using it.’ – Mr Steven Box, Birmingham ‘I’ve meditated regularly for about three years but had no real way of monitoring my progress – other than how in control of my thoughts and feelings. Now I have a feedback to monitor progress. Using ThoughtStream I seem to hold my focus better.’ – Mr Kay Brooks, Norfolk ‘Attractive design, easy to use. Best experience: seeing and hearing the effect of relaxing.’ – Mr Allan King, Uxbridge ‘I’ve had my ThoughtStream about six weeks and I find it extremely useful. I can get to level five now. As a focusing tool it’s wonderful as it gives me something to focus on. I’m beginning to recognise the internal feelings as I relax. Taking deep breaths really helps. But when I have a thought like ‘Oops, I should have phoned X today’ – or other little worries like that – the tone and lights go up again! The best experience I’ve had is a feeling of nothingness, of being there. I can hardly find the words. It’s a wonderful feeling. It’s heaven, a suspension of ordinary thinking.’ – Mr John Richmond, Ross-shire. And Lol Pagett from Kidderminster wrote the following long testimonial… I was so excited at the prospect of using Thought Stream that all my years of meditative training, all my “experience” in mind control and esoteric practices counted for sweet FA. Imagine my surprise when I first plugged into this natty device to find that no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the LED metres out of the red and that was on the least challenging “number 8.” I even went back to bed lying, in the horizontal position, with the still warm sheets right over me, eyes closed, arms by my side in a desperate bid to relax and move those “critters” down from red to amber to yellow all the way down to those all important lush, sensuous greens. After ten minutes or so I gave up. I had failed miserably. I chuckle at this now, looking back in hindsight, because it taught me a timely lesson, as if I needed reminding, in performance stress and how “deadly” this can be to overcome for even the most skilled and practised amongst us. I wonder if sometimes paranormal experiences are not as verifiable as they ought to be because of the same phenomena? Just a thought. My early teething problems were soon to be vitiated and with my next attempt I managed to get down all the way to 1 all green. Wow! I love this biofeedback tool. It is brilliant and I use it often, not always exactly as it’s meant to be used, but then one of the cool things about this device is its versatility. My favourite use of ThoughtStream is to do a conventional meditation or self-hypnosis procedure and then after I have finished check out how successful I have been. In this way Thought Stream is like an ally, a silent friend (I usually use it without headphones) which greatly encourages me in my self-improvement. And it’s so easy to use, hassle free. Treat yourself today – it’s priceless. And don`t do what I did and get so intrigued and impatient to get it out of the box that you can’t calm yourself down.sufficiently to benefit from it. However don’t be too surprised to find it initially gets the pulse racing as it’s that good! Highly recommended. “Just think…

If you had ThoughtStream you could be feeling as wonderful

as these people TODAY!

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