ThoughtStream Meditation BioFeedback Device


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**DISCONTINUED:  A new version is in development, if you wish to be updated as to a release and availability date, please contact us HERE**

Meditate Deeper Than A Zen Monk

Take control of your moods, emotions, and the way you react to people and situations

♦ ThoughtStream biofeedback device allows you to see and hear the changes in your body’s level of relaxation or arousal quickly and accurately

♦ HEAR a pure tone fall in pitch as you relax, then rise in pitch as you become more anxious or stressed

♦ SEE your level of arousal ♦ and make the colours go from red to orange to yellow to green as you relax deeply

♦ NOW you can take charge and change the way you feel ♦ fast!

ThoughtStream is a sophisticated GSR (galvanic skin response) meter, which works like a lie detector used in court! Simply strap the sensor to the palm of either hand and switch on the console. The ThoughStream measures the conductivity of your skin across two parts of your palm. You will hear a pure tone through headphones, and see eight red lights on the console’s display. Then as you become relaxed, the tone and lights will go down but if you become more anxious the tone and lights will go up ♦ instantly!

The more stress you feel the higher the tone ♦ so to feel relaxed you simply make the tone go lower! You’ll feel your tension melt away!

The ThoughtStream grows with you: ♦ eight sensitivity levels to guide you deeper and deeper as you get better and faster at guiding your body and mind into serene states. ♦

It’s perfect for using before meetings, exams, presentations and to help with studying, improving memory recall or falling asleep. ThoughtStream is so easy to use! And, what’s more, you get instant results. You can even bring to mind a stressful event and reduce the “charge” of the event by learning to keep the tone low. Your anxiety will be greatly reduced and you’ll feel more relaxed about the event!

Try ThoughtStream for yourself, and you’ll experience deeper relaxation ♦ even in situations which normally wind you up ♦ or you’ll get a 100% refund, even after a full 30 days in your own home.

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