Stop Smoking CD


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Stop Smoking

CD By Kelly Howell

* Significantly reduce cravings
* Bolster inner resolve
* Minimize withdrawal symptoms

No matter how many times you’ve tried to quit, you can do it now, and this time you’ll succeed. Precision-engineered brain wave frequencies induce a state of hyper-receptivity where subliminal messages get down to the very root of self-sabotage. Specially designed trigger phrases minimize cravings, bolster resolve, and re-build a new sense of self that is healthy, vibrant and free from the grip of nicotine addiction.

This Brain Wave Subliminal activates the unlimited power of your subconscious because it incorporates brain wave frequencies that induce states of hyper-receptivity to subliminal messages. Here, a new set of self-empowering beliefs are firmly imprinted in the unconscious.

This recording contains the following subliminal messages:

* With every breath I choose health
* All my desires are fulfilled
* I am free, I feel great
* I am completely relaxed
* It’s easy to let go, I love my body
* I am clear and focused
* I honor my lungs, I respect my health
* I fill my lungs with life-giving energy
* I am secure and content
* It’s easy for me to choose health
* I am willing to change
* I am committed to my physical well-being
* I am in control of my desires
* I have willpower
* I am strong, I succeed
* I am different now, I release the past with respect
* New opportunity exists in every moment
* I achieve my goals, my resolve is strong
* I welcome my new life
* I follow my inner wisdom
* I am healthy

This Brain Wave Subliminal has two tracks. Both contain the exact same subliminal messages. You can listen two ways:
Listen to both tracks anywhere or anytime over your stereo system. While you won’t consciously “hear” the subliminal messages, they will be received and absorbed by your subconscious.

For deeper subconscious programming, and to receive the full benefits of Brain Wave Therapy, listen to track 2 (the one without the piano overlay) with headphones at a time and place when you will not be disturbed. Allow yourself to simply drift and relax. You might even fall asleep and take a refreshing nap. Whether you fall asleep while listening or not, theta brain wave frequencies will induce heightened receptivity to the messages.

> Theta brain waves have been identified as essential to learning and storing information in long-term memory.
> Theta is the ideal state for subconscious reprogramming.
Stop Smoking – Harmonically Layered Frequencies on this program.

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