Anthem to Soul


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Anthem to Soul

Music for celebrating the Soul

The first three of my compositions, Inward Harmony, Z, and Celestial Dance, are about self-realization. Anthem to Soul is the first doorway to the acknowledgement of Soul. There is always a new door with new challenges. Through these experiences it is your job to discover the new rules and tools to help you through these changes.

This composition is about celebrating the union of human and Soul consciousness. This union is about reaching a state of recognizing who you are as Soul. From that place you reach knowingness. This doorway of self-discovery, determines your ability to surrender. Surrender is learning how to flow with life and become an artist in flexibility. This music is an amplifier that quickens that awakening process.

Anthem To Soul is also an old Tibetan chant called “HU”. This chant has been around for eons. Periodically it resurfaces in our civilizations to bring about conscious change. It is now that time again. As we grow further into the 21st Century, the “HU” chant will become more and more popular because of the vibrations it carries.

I call Anthem to Soul the turbo thruster. It speeds everything up. If you have a goal to reach, play Anthem to Soul. If you are working through an issue and want to speed up the process IN getting rid of the issue, play Anthem to Soul. This composition is my voice and drums all recorded in real time. There are no edits.

Inward Harmony by Marcey Hamm complements Anthem to Soul because of its ability to help balance change.

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