Instantly transform through the power of sound
Bridge science and spirit with the new Sonic Access – the next generation of the amazing Paraliminals
Sonic Access truly is the most mind-blowing personal transformation program we’ve ever published. In one extraordinary program, we’ve brought together Paul Scheele’s unique Paraliminal technology, the cutting-edge audio frequencies of Holosync, the energy principles of Diamond Feng Shui, and the healing sounds of Spring Forest Qigong, all wrapped up in the most beautiful and transformative music you will ever experience.
There are no exercises to do. Nothing to practice. No homework.
Paul Scheele and Paul Hoffman have created these soothing, meditative sessions so you can tap into all levels and layers of your being – right down to your DNA. After just one listening, you’ll immediately begin your transformation toward greater success, richer relationships, balanced health, and spiritual growth. Sonic Access includes nine audio sessions and a comprehensive course manual.
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