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Experience profound relaxation at the press of a button

Imagine a world of pure, jewel-like colour illuminating both visual and mental fields. From a single hue indefinitely sustained to a slow morph, brighter then dimmer, fading from deep blue to aqua, then transitioning through a rainbow of precisely sequenced hues and shades. Such colours can profoundly affect consciousness and mood. Blues and greens instill a meditative spirit of tranquility, golden light elicits focused awareness, and crimson, total alertness.

Flickering light can also affect and alter mental state in often dramatic ways, eliciting the “relaxation response”, dwelling at the threshold of sleep, or activating visual creativity. Older generation “light and sound machines” could only flicker in one colour, often resulting in strained eyes or headache.

The MindLab Procyon changes all that… The result of more than two years research and development, the MindLab Procyon is the first in a new series of advanced audio-visual synthesizers. Procyon’s state-of-the-art colour synthesis engine can modulate smoothly between fields of pure colour (ganzfeld), through subtle shimmering effects, to full-on flicker. Flicker frequency range is the widest in the industry up to 75 Hz. Each colour channel (red, green, and blue) is independently programmable, allowing up to three simultaneous stimulation frequencies at once.

The MindLab Procyon is a new kind of light/sound experience, melding a full spectrum of colour choices with clean, pure digital sound. The resulting new mediaform can be used to modulate states of consciousness in rich new ways.
A palette of millions of colours–modulated by a variety of innovative visual effects–enables a new kind of audio-visual experience, and can closely match colour to the desired mental state.

There’s also a unique new capability: the ability to precisely synchronize audio material on compact disc or MP3 with a Procyon program. This feature, called SynchroMuse, is like an advanced version of AudioStrobe, but allows full colour control ideal for use with colour-work, language learning, hypnotherapy, personal growth, music, etc..

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