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Attract Love

By Kelly Howell

* Increase charisma
* Become more available for love
* Exude a powerful inner-magnetism

How you feel about yourself produces a radiant energy field that influences how others respond to you. Recent research has revealed that the electro-magnetic waves emitted from the heart are sixty times more powerful than those of the brain. Furthermore these waves can be measured ten feet from the body, and are instantly received and registered by those around you. When you feel good about yourself, when you appreciate who you are, people are attracted to you. With subliminal brain wave technology, your mind relaxes into heightened states of receptivity where messages of deep self-appreciation are effortlessly absorbed. As your heart opens to exude more personal joy, your inner magnetism expands to attract the love you desire.

This Brain Wave Subliminal activates the power of your subconscious because it incorporates brain wave frequencies that induce states of hyper-receptivity to subliminal messages. Here, a new set of self-empowering beliefs are firmly imprinted in the unconscious. You’ll notice a remarkable change in attitude and “self talk” that dramatically increases your personal magnetism.

This recording contains the following subliminal messages on both tracks:
Yes! I can be fulfilled
I love myself, I appreciate myself
I feel connected to the power of love in my life
I yearn for love with total self-appreciation
I let my desire activate every part of my being
I let my heart be touched, I let the magic flow
I awaken to the touch of love
My love attracts equal and balanced love
I am open and available, passionate and full
I am receiving love, love comes to me
I feel turned on, I can be touched
Every cell of my body exudes beauty and love
This love that is mine creates miracles in my world
I feel the movement of love in all of my life
Yes! I can love and be loved
Joy and beauty fill my life
My heart is open, my heart is wise and mature
I feel my love attracting love
I attract the love I desire
I rest in the arms of love
Attract Love – Harmonically Layered Frequencies are on this program:

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