AudioStrobe MP3 9 Titles Complete


There are around 24 tracks, over 9 titles, all done album by album, so you can download and listen to them individually or as one!

To view information about this range or to see all of the titles, CLICK HERE

All of these tracks work on a light and sound machine, meaning that you get a hypnotic, amazing and wonderful light display that is in harmony with the music. The light and sound device we carry comes with all 9 titles pre-installed and much more. To view it CLICK HERE

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AudioStrobe MP3 5 pack collection. This collection includes all 5 titles on this department (Audio Illusions, Dreams in the Mind’s Eye, Tibetan Highlands, Journey of the Drums and Water Planet CDs).

The titles are nearly £20 each or you get all 5 for HALF PRICE!

This is designed for someone who wants all 5 titles, but will get them in 1 bundle at a reduced price.

It comes as an MP3 download version.

If you want a copy on CD as a wave file for putting in a CD player, and you don’t have access, we can copy them for you at a handling price of £25.