AudioStrobe MindLab Recordings

Access the power of your inner mind

You get NINE stunning AudioStrobe titles designed to take you on relaxation journeys both around the world and internally as well. These are designed to work alone or you can use them with the MindLab light and sound machine for light synchronisation.

Each of the 9 records work as a stand alone.

You can listen to the sounds of the rainforest, ancient drum sounds, relaxing water sounds or take a journey on the unusual with some astounding sounds to take you on a journey through time, history and country.

There are other recordings to take your journey through the elements of life through earth, fire, wind and water.

Finally there is a recording to take your mind through a journey of alpha, theta and beta so you can get maximum relaxation, focus and deeply sleepy states.

You can purchase all of them individually as an MP3 recording with the different tracks on. All 9 tracks are £180 if purchased separately.

Or you can buy them in a 2 x bulk options, Volume 1 with the first 5 main recordings and Volume 2 with 4 bonus special tracks (to work on the brain, elements of life and more) these are discounted. Volume 1 is £65 for 5 tracks. Volume 2 is £45 for 4 tracks. Combined £110.00 if you buy them separately.

Or you can buy the full collection of all 9, both Volume 1 and Volume 2 combined in one purchase for £90 – HALF PRICE

You can view the titles below, scroll to view the items, collections and complete. Clicking one will take you to the item on the cart:

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