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Z by Marcey Hamm is a music that works with the dream states and also helps you break through blocks and fears. Much of this letting go is in the dream state. The Z helps bridge the gap between your dream state and your waking state. This music assists you in manifesting your dreams and learning how to design your life.
Let me explain a few things. Our dream state is a very important tool for our development. We just need to understand that part of ourselves. There are of course many initiations of growth or expansion when it comes to understanding and having the experiences of the dream state. Many people don’t remember their dreams, nor do they understand what they do remember of them.
The key here is to start somewhere and to me that should be wherever a person is now. Where we go in our dreams should be our perception of reality. Our waking state should be our waking dream. In other words, the inner part of us should be our reality and the outer part of ourselves should be the dream, the waking dream.
This music is a tool to expand our consciousness. In this expansion our perception of life starts changing because of our awareness of it. For example, I have a cat named Macy who came from a litter of starving kittens and was full of fear. She wouldn’t let anyone touch her or come near her. I started playing Z immediately. Macy now sits on my lap and greets all of my guests.

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