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Unfold Your Potential

3 CD set

Embrace the life you were meant to live

Enhance your attracting force

Increase synchronicity

Accelerate manifestation

Do you ever have the feeling that your life isn’t as satisfying as it could be? Do you have long-held hopes and dreams that have not been fulfilled? No matter how far away you think you are from enjoying a satisfying life, the change you long for can happen in the blink of an eye. And the best time to start is right now.

Each and every day you create your life from your inner state of being. The thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, and the beliefs you hold generate a field of energy from which you act and attract. The problem is that we’re often attracting and acting from states of lack, limitation, fear or doubt. And so, our results in life aren’t anywhere near as satisfying as they could be.

This 3-CD collection is a complete program designed to help you Unfold Your Potential. It draws upon 20 years of research into the science of manifestation. Each CD offers a guided meditation on Track 1. Track 2 has music and Theta Waves only, allowing you to practice the meditations at your own pace. As negative thoughts are swept away by insight and inspiration, you align with the divine ordering principle of the universe. Your life will change as what you need and want begins to appear in your life.

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