The Science Behind PhotoReading DVD


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The Science Behind PhotoReading Video

This PhotoReading DVD comes FREE if you buy the PhotoReading Deluxe course. However, if not, then you can get this DVD and on it you will see nearly an hour long interview with Paul Scheele who teaches you about the Science behind PhotoReading and how we learn and process information. You will discover:

* 2 little known secrets about your brain which make PhotoReading possible for anyone.
* this worst thing you can do when you sit down to read a book.
* a powerful question you can ask a book’s author if you imagine him/her in your mind’s eye.
* the biggest mistake that people make with PhotoReading which guarantees it won’t work and how you can avoid this mistake instantly.
…. and much more!

The cost of this DVD will be refunded (upon request) if you purchase the PhotoReading Deluxe course.

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