Retrieve Your Destiny CD


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Retrieve Your Destiny

* Open up to inner guidance
* Increase your attracting force
* Discover your path and purpose

Is there a divine plan for your life?
Do you have a special purpose to fulfill?
Can you create a more rewarding destiny?

If these are questions you ask yourself, relax and listen to Retrieve Your Destiny.

Yes, there is a divine plan for your life.
Yes, you do have a unique and special purpose to fulfill.
And yes, you are entirely capable of creating a wonderful future right now.

All the answers reside within you.  This meditation encourages you to reach deep inside your heart to discover the purest, deepest intentions for your life. You are guided to envision and embody the future of your dreams, as well as to generate nourishing states of being that bring new ideas, opportunities and possibilities into your life. These are vibrant states that increase your attracting force and erase thoughts of lack or limitation.

Even if you don’t consciously know exactly what it is you want, this meditation supports you in retrieving answers that will bring you the most joy. As you align with a more fulfilling destiny and embody it, the world will conspire with you to make it real.
Starting today, you can retrieve and accept the gifts the universe has waiting for you. All you need to do is ask.

More Benefits

Feelings of wholeness and well-being.
Oneness with the cosmos.
Vivid imagery.
Higher creativity.
Greater clarity of thought, increased creativity, more peaceful states of mind, enhanced ability to concentrate.

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