Genius Code Accelerator Basic to Deluxe Upgrade


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Genius Code Accelerator

The Genius Code Deluxe Course includes the Genius Code Accelerator, but if you have the Standard course and want to update it, then you will need this product! You will receive everything in the main course plus eight additional CDs and the High Think Tank 30-Day Challenge. See more information below.

Contents of Genius Code Accelerator
Part One: Four CDs of a TeleSeminar with Paul Scheele and Win Wenger connecting the processes of Genius Code with:
Image Stream Connectivity Problem Solving Intuition Accelerated Learning Part Two: Four CDs of a special workshop conducted by Paul Scheele on Lucid Dreaming. In a lucid dream you are actually aware that you are dreaming, and you control the dream with the same ease that you control anything during your waking life.
Paul ties lucid dreaming into the processes of Genius Code so that a huge shift occurs through your sleeping and waking life to draw additional insights and knowledge from your subconscious.
Part Three: “High Think Tank 30-Day Challenge” to develop striking awarenesses bridging your subconscious and accelerate your results with Genius Code. Spend just two to three minutes a day for a month.
The photo is of the Genius Code Deluxe, you are ordering the Accelerator element of this.

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