Faith and Confidence Paraliminal CD


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Faith and Confidence

Paraliminal course by Paul Scheele and Chunyi Lin

Paul Scheele and Chunyi Lin created two brand new “Paraliminal” CDs to help you break through resistance you have to getting great results from your Spring Forest Qigong practice.

The “Faith & Confidence” CD has two sessions:

Session A builds within you unwavering confidence that your practice of Spring Forest Qigong will result in the healing you need. You will know with complete certainty that your blockages will melt, your energy will balance, and your body will heal itself.
And…as you listen, you will be opening your own energy channels, melting blockages, and healing yourself.

Session B focuses on your ability to help others heal themselves.
When you face what might seem like a great challenge to help your family and friends, you will trust yourself and your abilities. With confidence and competence you will be able to detect blockages, open channels, remove blockages, give energy, and balance the flow of energy so that those you love can fully heal themselves.

And – this is very cool – as you listen, you will use your mind to invite family and friends into this meditative-like experience to receive healing energy that Chunyi sends through the CD. The “Faith & Confidence” Paraliminal offers the best of both worlds. It helps you more effectively use Spring Forest Qigong, and it furthers Chunyi’s mission of a healer in every family and a world without pain.

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