Diamond Feng Shui – Silver Level


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Diamond Feng Shui

Balance – Harmony – Good Fortune

Energize your home and workplace with the Silver Edition

Diamond Feng Shui is a revolutionary approach to Feng Shui that works extraordinarily well in today’s world. We put it together for you in a way that is straight-forward, easy-to-learn, and fun. Use it to see great leaps and wonderful transformation.

Take advantage of how energy responds to you personally — both positively and negatively — by using your Personal Energy Number. Experience greater success, better health, stronger relationships, and spiritual growth almost immediately.

Further increase fortune for you and for your family and co-workers. Diamond Feng Shui combines classical Feng Shui with 24 aspects of human experience, which Marie calls the Facets of the Diamond. In Level One you enhance the yang Diamond Facets by harnessing the active energy of your environment and reducing misfortune caused by weak, stagnant energy.

Your Silver Edition includes the Essentials and Level One courses; 9 CDs, a DVD, and two comprehensive manuals.

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