Diamond Feng Shui – Gold Level


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Diamond Feng Shui

Balance – Harmony – Good Fortune

Energize your home and workplace with the Gold Edition

Expand your awareness of energy and quicken manifestation of what you desire. In Level One you deal with the active male energy called yang. But you need both yin and yang. That’s the way the universe works. In Level Two you bring in this important aspect, and the results can be stunning.

The Energy Facets DVD that comes with Level Two ties together everything you learn in Level One with Level Two to make sure you understand it with the least amount of effort. As with both DVDs in the Gold Edition, you not only experience Marie in the Learning Strategies Diamond Feng Shui Retreat, but you follow Marie into real homes where you see her applying this vast body of knowledge.

Your Gold Edition includes the Essentials, Level One, and Level Two courses; 15 CDs, 2 DVDs, three comprehensive manuals, a range of the titles can be read by clicking the link below.

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