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Deep Insight

By Kelly Howell

* Think “outside the box”
* Blast through creative blocks
* Access knowledge from the subconscious and super-conscious mind
* Release stress and anxiety

Perhaps you’ve got some challenges or deadlines that call for imaginative solutions, but you’re feeling blocked. Or maybe you’re at one of life’s crossroads and need to search your soul for answers. Now you can do what great thinkers and spiritual masters do to get answers and insights: Go within, enter the mysterious theta state and discover the vast storehouse of knowledge available to you.

Theta is the gateway to the subconscious and super-conscious mind. In Theta you access wisdom that lies beyond the borders of normal awareness. Entering this waking dream-like state stimulates deeper connections between brain cells, allowing you to access higher levels of creativity. In Theta, new ideas and insights spontaneously flash before your mind’s eye, in what is known as a “Eureka Event”. At the end of your inward journey, you’ll feel clear, lucid and revitalized at the deepest levels.

Use Deep Insight for:
Super learning
Receiving inner direction and insights
Behavior modification
Improving Memory

Instructions for listening:
Listen to this program daily for either thirty or sixty minutes a day to train your brain to develop more Theta activity. Regular use will enhance overall mental performance.

What You Can Expect:
* Increased creativity
* Fresh ideas and inspiration
* Enhanced ability to focus and concentrate
* Greater clarity of thought
* Expanded awareness

Deep Insight – Harmonically Layered Frequencies are on this program:

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