Creating Sparks Paraliminal Course Deluxe


This digital download product means you can have Instant Access to start and to Ignite Your Passion Immediately. (Some CDs remain, you can choose them if they are a drop down option).

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This is a 3 week course with an immediate impact, it comes with audio tracks (which you use with Stereo headphones in a relaxed place) and a workbook for you to go through for guidance and structure.

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Creating Sparks Deluxe Paraliminal Course

Ignite fun, attraction, and romance

The idea of a sex program has a lot of us blushing. My fingers are sweating a little as I type this description for you! But here’s the scoop.  We’ve heard from a lot of couples and a lot of singles who want to create sparks in their lives:

  • How can I find someone who is attracted to me?
  • How can I get passion back in my marriage?

The subject was studied and after investigation common issue were discovered at the core of both the couple and the single person.

Deal with this one issue and open the floodgates of vigor and passion in you and your partner (or date).

This course uses the best of neuro-linguistic programming with accelerated learning and preconscious processing to create a phenomenal program that gets the fires roaring.


1. Report on how to use the Paraliminals to best effect with tips and insights
2. Report on the background of the Paraliminals, how to bundle them for maximum efforts and suggestions to get 100% benefit out of them.
3. 1 hour live interview with the creator of the Paraliminals along with a phone Q&A with customers; learn and see if others have the same questions as you.
4. Voucher worth 1 free course – if you look at the bundles and want to make an additional saving, use this voucher with SOME money saving advice.

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