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Quiz Liz gets 99.8% in 2,000 question quiz book thanks to PhotoReading

Elizabeth Thomas PhotoRead a source book for people who set general knowledge quiz and, when tested, scored 1,996 out of 2,000. Her success has amazed the author of the Quiz Setter’s Quiz Book who says not even he could beat her.

Elizabeth says she didn’t set out to be a mastermind. She just liked the MindLab that her son bought her so much that she decided to get the PhotoReading Personal Learning Course as well. Little did this 52-year-old housewife realise the power it would unleash in her. That is, the potential to dominate every Friday night pub quiz in the land. Not to mention new reading skills with which she is thrilled.

Author, Don Wilson, is taken aback by her success. “I don’t think I could have got that many questions right. And I wrote the book!” he told Book Blaster.

But, says Elizabeth, the extraordinary results she has achieved didn’t come overnight: “I got the course at Christmas. I found I didn’t get much result from the dictionary game. In fact it put me off. But I thought, well, you can’t say until you’ve done the whole course whether it’s going to be successful.

I found I could skim through a book and I found that I could recall photographs and drawings in it. I hadn’t ‘properly’ read the book. I’d just gone through it in the PhotoReading way.

I was very doubtful about whether the PhotoReading would help me remember diagrams but I did find that I can remember them. I read a first aid manual and there was one diagram about heart resuscitation. I was extremely delighted that I could recall it. the best result I had was when I PhotoRead a quiz book called the Quiz Setter’s Quiz Book. It’s by Don Wilson. the funny thing is that I can’t remember the questions if someone tells me the answers.

I PhotoRead it five times and then rapid read it a few times. My son and I got into the habit that he would go through a couple of the quizzes each time he came round. I was getting nearly all of them right. In the end I had scored 1,996 out of 2,000. So we contacted the author’s publishers and some days later Don Wilson got in touch from his home in County Durham. For 20 years, Don has been taking part in quizzes and setting them. Usually from his own book.”

“I think it’s brilliant,” said Don. “I’ve set quizzes in pubs and always set quizzes in the classroom in my job as a teacher. I usually use my own book to do it and it’s very rare that someone gets a whole quiz right. People usually get two or three wrong out of 30.” And Don was very doubtful that Elizabeth could have just happened to know all those answers. “I don’t think someone could know all those questions from general knowledge.”

Of course, for Elizabeth, quizzes are less of a way of life and more a bit of fun. More recently she’s set her PhotoReading to work to help her with her passion alternative therapies and health. “I’ve got a lot of books and it would take a lot of time to go through them all. I found PhotoReading very helpful to speed up the process.”

When Elizabeth had the idea to combine her use of the MindLab with PhotoReading, she found it was a perfect way to get into state.

“I find that the MindLab helps. I think it’s quite incredible. I’ve used it if I have difficulty getting to sleep or for relaxation. If we get some spare time, I like to sit down and watch all the lights and patterns. It’s amazing that you get all those colours with just the red LEDs. I use the MindLab to warm me up before a session of PhotoReading.”

And Elizabeth admits that if she hadn’t got such value from the MindLab, she would never have invested in a reading course.

“I was very open minded about PhotoReading because we’d used the MindLab and I thought that LifeTools wouldn’t sell me something that was a waste of money. the delivery is excellent. “You need to persist with it, then you’ll find that it works.” Some companies you wait and wait and wait and with this there’s hardly any wait at all.”

If LifeTools’ efforts to give excellent service encouraged her to start PhotoReading, her subsequent success with the course is all down to her persistence and positive approach.

“You’ve got to forget about it if you don’t succeed at first,” she insists. “Just keep going through the course. It’s not that you can say, oh, I failed at the first hurdle and it’s not going to work. You need to persist with it and then you’ll find that it works. Well, it did for me. I was extremely pleased with it. If I feel that it isn’t working as well as I want it to I just dip into the course again for a refresher.”

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