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Improved vocabulary

From Newsletter 14…

“Friends and relatives commented on my improving vocabulary!”

Danny Grubb, who lives near Hull, told us about his wonderful PhotoReading experiences.

“After trying the dictionary game by myself, and getting dubious results, I decided to try a group activation. Five friends and I set ourselves up in my flat and began listening to the first few PhotoReading CDs. After listening to side A of CD one, I got up to turn it over. Everyone in the room, including myself, was very sceptical but decided to persevere and give the dictionary game a try. After a whole hour of PhotoReading, relaxing, recalling, being unimpressed and trying again, we decided to stop and put the whole experience down as a waste of time.

The most sceptical of my friends, who had been unimpressed from the start, suddenly blurted out the word ‘hereinafter’ accompanied by giggles from the rest of the team. He said, ‘Hereinafter! It’s a word, I’m telling you! Look it up! “We gave in to his demands and looked it up. ‘Where is it then, Superbrain?’, I jeered. He went on to do more than fulfil the exercise: he named the page, the position, the definition, and the definition of the word above it. We were amazed!

When mentioning the position he also stated that the word appeared twice in the dictionary: once at the top and once at the bottom of the right hand page. Sure enough, there they were! At the header of the page was the word ‘hereinafter’ which also appeared at the bottom of the page next to its definition.”

“With our newly founded confidence in the whole mind system approach, the whole group then decided to play on to see what we could do ourselves. By the end of the evening, with the combined results of the entire team, we averaged 82%!

Over the next few days, I continued to repeat the game myself, every evening, for an hour or so. In my personal dictionary, “the Dictionary of Science and Technology”, I now average an amazing 92% positioning score and I too am now beginning to blurt out some of the definitions as well.

Friends and relatives alike have commented on my improving vocabulary and, believe it or not, my posture, and physical health. I have already gained a lot from the small amount of PhotoReading I have done.

I am very impressed with the course and can ask only one question. When is the minister for education going to accept PhotoReading as a valid skill for our children? When I start a family, I will not hesitate to teach them the joys of the system, and this is coming from a man who has just completed the second lesson!”

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