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“the serenity I experienced with Releasing helped me get a black belt in karate”

Martin Li from London wrote to us after coming to the recent Sedona Method Seminar to tell us how Releasing helped him get his black belt in Karate…

Dear LifeTools,

the Sedona Method CDs are good, but the live seminar really helped me to crystallise many of the concepts and illustrate how they can be applied in all number of practical situations.
the live seminar shows just how easy it is to apply the Sedona Method, and that it’s most powerful when kept simple.
One of the greatest revelations over the weekend was finding out how easy it is to let go of fears by realising that we have subconscious wishes for the fears to materialise so that we can tackle them that way.
For me, regular practice of the Method seems to be an easy to use key to stress-free living.
My main reason for attending the London seminar was to help get my mind straight for a karate grading (for a black belt, which I badly wanted) which was coming up a couple of weeks later.
the grading required performing a number of difficult techniques and fighting in front of senior instructors, fellow students and, most worryingly, a crowd of spectators.
Black belt gradings can be very stressful and the pass rate isn’t that high.
I had previously met with Alex Christie (an enthusiastic Sedona Method owner) a couple of times and Released on the grading which had helped although some negative thoughts kept recurring.
My doubts about the grading didn’t change much during the first two days of the seminar.
However, after the third day of working on the issue at the seminar and letting go of limiting feelings, I suddenly began to feel much more confident.
Few people perform at their best in gradings because of the pressure of the occasion. People have suffered completely sleepless nights beforehand and even been physically sick on the day due to stress.
Incredibly, I felt quite serene on the day and was able to perform at pretty much my best.
the grading went better and more smoothly than I could ever have hoped and I was even
congratulated several times on how good my karate technique was!
Several factors helped me to get my karate black belt, and letting go of limiting feelings was without doubt one of them. Warmest regards, Martin Li, London.

Releasing helps lady to love her job again

Heather Green from London shows how releasing feelings in any area of your life can be of great benefit to you…
I had been feeling unhappy in my job for over a year, finding it both stressful and demanding, yet unfulfilling.
While we were on the Sedona Method seminar in April, we did a group Release on goals that had a great effect on me.
For the process, I used a statement from the workbook for my Release that said: “I allow myself to easily have and enjoy the best job for me at this time in my life.”
I found that, after Releasing with the group, I now feel very different about my job and feel that I have already achieved my goals. I was always wanting what I already had.

“I can’t believe it! In one session a particular block simply disappeared!”
Sarah Derwent from London wrote to LifeTools to tell us how the Sedona Method helped her to overcome a stuck state…
I was attracted to the Sedona Method because I’d become so adept at suppressing that I was out of touch with most of my emotions.
I had easy access to depression, and was aware that by sitting on the more uncomfortable feelings, I had distanced myself from the happy and joyous ones.
I was more than ready to just feel even if it was painful.
the fact that the Sedona Method was about dealing with emotions in a new way was more attractive to me than any of the promises about health, wealth and success.
In the six or seven weeks since I’ve had the CDs, it has more than delivered.
I’m feeling happier than I have for years, and calmer as well; partly because the fear of feeling has left me.
the concrete benefits have been numerous as well and I wasn’t even looking for them.
All my relationships have become easier. Specifically, I’ve noticed that I just don’t get irritated in the same way, and on the occasions that I do, I let it go.
Not that many people noticed my irritation I was too good at suppressing it! Less suppressing means much more available energy as well.
I was famous, or notorious, for going to bed very early. Well, sometimes I still do, but often I don’t because I’m just not tired, or I’m enjoying myself too much.
As a writer I struggle with procrastination and not wanting to get on with my work. One of my goals was to allow myself to get on with my work effectively and with pleasure throughout the day and now that’s what happens.
the Method ‘melts’ blocks, it seems, when everything else I’ve tried attacks them.
Something I have worked on for the entire 20 years of my professional life is to overcome my enormous reluctance to sell my work journalistically.
It’s not rational: I’ve published many books and many features, but each time I have to ring up an editor to suggest an idea it’s as if it’s the very first time. I have to battle with myself  which can take days to win.
In one session of focusing on that particular block with the method, it simply disappeared.
I still can’t quite believe it’s gone, but it truly has.
Because of the effect that it has had on me, my mother has bought a set of the CDs. My sister has borrowed my set and listened to them, as my daughter is now doing. they’re all enormously impressed at the impact it’s having on their lives. Three other people I know have bought the CDs on the strength of my experience. I can’t stop talking about it!

“I laugh a lot, wake up happy and light and earn more money than ever!”
Jayne Lewis from Lincolnshire told us what a positive effect the Sedona Method has had on her life…
It is true. the Sedona Method really does meet all of its claims! When I listened to the free CD sent by LifeTools, I knew instinctively that the Sedona Method was going to make a huge difference to my life.
It was with joy and not a little amazement that I watched the effortless changes and improvements taking place sometimes in areas of my life I’d not even got round to focusing on!
My list of ‘things to do’ disappeared within a few weeks and now seven months later, my energy level continues to be higher than it has ever been, and I really enjoy new projects.
I laugh a lot, wake up happy and light nearly every morning, earn more money than I ever have, and have a deep security and confidence. I know it will just keep on getting better and better.

“I PhotoRead every book that I could get my hands on – just for the practice!

Another customer wrote to us from London to tell us how using PhotoReading helped him finish his work in minutes.
I am a trainee solicitor at one of the world’s largest international law firms. At times the pace here can be incredibly fast to say the least. This means that time is often a rare luxury.
Although I love to read, I had put that on hold because of the sheer volume of materials that I am confronted with at work. Any spare time I had became too precious to ‘waste’ on reading.
Naturally PhotoReading seemed like a gift from the gods to me.
When I bought the course I felt both excited and nervous. I must admit that I was very impressed with what I had heard.
From the very beginning Paul Scheele made the utmost sense. It was with sheer delight that I followed the exercises.
Still work pressures and frequent travel arrangements meant that progress was slow and intermittent.
Nevertheless, I PhotoRead every book that I could get my hands on just for the practice.
However, today something extraordinary happened. I was proofreading a heavy document – a long and laborious task.
At one point I was lulled into a gentle rhythm of reading and checking. My breathing was even and I noticed how much easier it was to allow my eyes to glide gently across the page.
Recognising that I had accessed an ‘accelerated learning’ state of mind, I just went along with it and allowed the rhythm to draw me deeper into my task.
All of a sudden it felt as though my eyes gently ‘slipped’ into place.
the words seemed to jump at me in stark contrast to the white page. they even had a 3D quality to them, as though they were embedded in one of those ‘magic eye’ pictures. More and more of the text seemed to slip into sight. I can only describe it as a sense of expansion. It was not even anything I had to work at doing. I just had to get my mind out of the way so I could just let it happen without disturbing the process.
Page after page just fell away that way. I spotted mistakes, corrected them and moved on. I finished my task in minutes. Amazing!
That is why I had to write this letter. I would like to let other people know that if they also persist with a playful, laid back attitude, and practice the simple steps just out of curiosity, then they cannot fail to get great results in time. I’m so glad I stuck
with this.
Thank you again for offering me this wonderful opportunity.

Ring for Sedona Method support
Martyn Court from Cheltenham, who came to the first Sedona Method seminar in Congleton last November, was so impressed with the Sedona Method that he flew straight out to Sedona to do the instructor training.
Martyn loves the Method: “To Release and be free of feeling that I need to control is the most peaceful, beautiful place to be.”
Martyn has since been back to do the advanced training and is now a fully qualified Sedona Method instructor.
Well-received Sedona Method seminar
Attendees loved the second Sedona Method seminar with Hale Dwoskin.
Around 140 people from all over the UK and some from abroad, gathered together in London for three delightful days of Releasing.
Hale was very insightful and funny as he worked with all the attendees during individual and group Releases.
Don’t take our word for how fabulous it was – here’s what just some of the attendees had to say…
“I came to the first seminar as well, and since then the sense of freedom has been amazing and tremendous.”

  • Kevin Skinner, Northants.
    “the seminar has given me the insight into what prevents me from being at peace and totally happy in all areas of my life. the method has given me the means of obtaining this happiness.”
  • Alex Christie, London.
    “Gratitude was never my strong suit. But what can I say to someone who reintroduced me to myself after 20 years of dedicated materialism? the Sedona Method is the greatest gift.”
  • Martin Stone, South Yorkshire.
    “I’ve had so many gains from the seminar, I don’t remember the problems I used to have. More joy, more freedom home!”
  • Mike Brown, London.
    “With Releasing, the walls have burst I now have a tool which enables me to shift gently and swiftly into a realm where I feel comfortable and connected.”
  • Marion Daniels, Totnes.
    “On the seminar with Hale, I had my first belly-laugh in five years or more I am very pleased to have met Hale in person this process is wonderful and easy!”
  • Vivien Nagra, London.
    “You brought me home, right back to where I’d always been. For 50 years I had forgotten what home felt like. Thank you Hale.”
  • Wendy Beardmore, Lancs.
    “I am altogether happier and contented, I am no longer fearful and intimidated!”
  • Marilyn Latcham, Dorset.

The Sedona Method has now been superseded by a more powerful and effective method to gain freedom, the Effort Free acceptance

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