Book Blaster Issue 14

“I got £7,000 in contracts by ‘letting go'”

John Doorbar, a self-employed language trainer based in Germany, recently signed up his biggest contracts ever nine days after learning the Sedona Method as taught in the Sedona Method CD set writes Chris Payne.

John, born and raised in Nantwich, Cheshire, now lives in Ladenburg in central Germany and teaches English to German business people.
John met me at the PhotoReading seminar in April 1997, and we’d spoken a couple of times about PhotoReading since then. Six months ago he decided that he’d had enough of making an adequate living and wanted to grow his business rapidly.

So he rang to make me an offer: if I’d be his mentor and if he could ring me for 15 minutes once a week for help, encouragement and advice, he would pay me 5% of any increase in his revenue. I wasn’t bothered about the money, and I agreed.

Over the next few months John increased his income by small amounts. then at the end of March he told me that he was feeling anxious and fearful about ringing me as he was avoiding making calls to local businesses to ask for work. So I taught him the very basics of the Sedona Method over the phone there and then.

Says John, “When I first tried the Sedona Method all my anxiety and fear dissipated instantly. I immediately felt calmer and lighter, more settled in myself. I thought: wow, this change in my mental state can happen so quickly. I realised that I had been trying too hard to do things instead of allowing myself to do it naturally.

I contacted a director of a training organisation in Frankfurt, and when I met her I told her I wanted to run trainings in business communications. I was very open and explained that I’d never run these courses before, but I was offering them to her. Okay, she said, treat it as a pilot project, and signed up for four two-day trainings in July and August, and five two-day trainings in the autumn!

I then went to another company and signed them up for two two-day seminars. It was amazing. I had signed my biggest contracts after two 15-minute calls with you. the Sedona Method has given me more courage to do different things, more freedom to be prepared to go a step beyond my comfort zone.

{Since this article was written the Sedona Method has been replaced (as an item at LifeTools by the very powerful and effective Effort Free Life System – see HERE}

“My memory retention is better and my head is clearer”

Professional violinist Roger Foxwell, based in Cheadle, Stockport, told us how the Alpha-Stim has helped him with his performances.

“I have been using the Alpha-Stim for over three weeks and although I was fairly sceptical about the claims that were made I decided that, since I was under no obligation, I thought it would be well worth a try if only to help my erratic sleep patterns. You are definitely not going to get the Alpha-Stim back! Although I am not sleeping for longer periods I noticed an immediate improvement in the quality of my sleep, a more rested feeling on waking, and I feel more relaxed in the day.

As a violinist I now feel more focused and far less stressed during even the most demanding performances. I think the Alpha-Stim has aided my concentration, and it gives me greatly enhanced practice and performance sessions. I also feel my memory retention is better and I have a clear headedness that I didn’t experience before.”

“Friends and relatives commented on my improving vocabulary!”

Danny Grubb, who lives near Hull, told us about his wonderful PhotoReading experiences.

“After trying the dictionary game by myself, and getting dubious results, I decided to try a group activation. Five friends and I set ourselves up in my flat and began listening to the first few PhotoReading recordings.

After listening to side A of recording one, I got up to turn it over. Everyone in the room, including myself, was very sceptical but decided to persevere and give the dictionary game a try. After a whole hour of PhotoReading, relaxing, recalling, being unimpressed and trying again, we decided to stop and put the whole experience down as a waste of time. The most sceptical of my friends, who had been unimpressed from the start, suddenly blurted out the word ‘hereinafter’ accompanied by giggles from the rest of the team.

He said, ‘Hereinafter! It’s a word, I’m telling you! Look it up! We gave in to his demands and looked it up. ‘Where is it then, Superbrain?’, I jeered. He went on to do more than fulfil the exercise: he named the page, the position, the definition, and the definition of the word above it. We were amazed!

When mentioning the position he also stated that the word appeared twice in the dictionary: once at the top and once at the bottom of the right hand page. Sure enough, there they were! At the header of the page was the word ‘hereinafter’ which also appeared at the bottom of the page next to its definition.

With our newly founded confidence in the whole mind system approach, the whole group then decided to play on to see what we could do ourselves. By the end of the evening, with the combined results of the entire team, we averaged 82%!

Over the next few days, I continued to repeat the game myself, every evening, for an hour or so. In my personal dictionary, “the Dictionary of Science and Technology”, I now average an amazing 92% positioning score and I too am now beginning to blurt out some of the definitions as well. Friends and relatives alike have commented on my improving vocabulary and, believe it or not, my posture, and physical health. I have already gained a lot from the small amount of PhotoReading I have done.

I am very impressed with the course and can ask only one question. When is the minister for education going to accept PhotoReading as a valid skill for our children? When I start a family, I will not hesitate to teach them the joys of the system, and this is coming from a man who has just completed the second lesson!

MindLab: a help for migraine and multiple sclerosis?

Two recent books have raved about our best-selling product.

The first is Pain Relief Without Drugs: A true story of one individual’s triumph over a lifetime of pain using alternative and natural therapies by Jack Villiers, published by Carnell.

“The MindLab helped me relieve the suffering of a woman with multiple sclerosis*. She used the MindLab every day for 15 minutes, and achieved the same sort of results that other sufferers have attributed to cannabis, that banned substance that so many MS sufferers have to break the law to buy to relieve their stress and pain.

I could go on for hours about the MindLab, because using it, or as one of my many testers put it, ‘participating’ in it, is not only therapeutic but extremely pleasant, and the feelings of the stress and tension simply washing away are sublime to put it mildly. All that I will say is that if you and/or your doctor believe that some or all of your problems are attributable to stress then you really owe it to yourself to at least give this quite remarkable invention a try.

I do know that the tension that creeps up on one after a hard day’s work is quite remarkably eased by a quarter of an hour listening to soothing noises and pleasant lights. Sounds a bit surrealistic? You try it, my friend, you try it.”

Shirley writes “the MindLab is a compact machine which works with light and sound frequencies (light frames and earphones) to alter brain wave patterns* to promote relaxation and sleep, or raise energy* and concentration levels. Can be extremely effective for tension headaches. Some migraine sufferers have found it beneficial after continued use. Initially there may be an increase in symptoms.”

*Important note: Jack and Shirley’s opinions are their own, and their results are anecdotal. No medical claims are expressed or implied by the authors.

“Positive difference to my life”

Dear Chris,

Over the years I have tried many recordings for self-development purposes. A lot of time and money was wasted as I failed to get the positive results I was hoping for. About two years ago I decided to join an organisation called the Positive Club. Feeling at a low ebb I needed some type of inspiration as we all do at some point in our lives. It was here that I came across an envelope marked LifeTools. What I found inside impressed me — this was what I’d been looking for over the years.

The first item I ordered was Self-Esteem SuperCharger. I was delighted to find a quality product with the added bonus of a 20-minute listening time for each side. I have been using this product for some time now and the difference it has made on my life has been positive. The next title I ordered was Youthfulness to compliment my Yoga routine. After doing the various asanas I’d put on the recording to relax my mind, body and spirit. I don’t expect to grow back my hair, though, I’ve been doing the yogic headstand for this — but I live in hope! The visualisation practice on the recording was helpful in creating an altered state of mind.

I particularly enjoyed the rejuvenation exercise of immersing my whole body in the rock pool in a beautiful setting. On browsing through your {literature} website I’m thinking: what title shall I choose next? there is so much choice.

I expect most people would agree with me that everyone is searching for happiness! Ultimately, what we are seeking is inside us not outside. I feel your titles help us in our quest on all levels.
In conclusion, I would like to thank all the staff at LifeTools for a friendly, efficient service plus the wonderful titles, which, I’m sure have changed the lives of so many people.

Yours sincerely,
Daniel McInnes, Southampton

Alpha-Stim produces “blissful feeling” says TV news reporter

London News Network ran a story on the Alpha-Stim SCS during a recent TV programme — with amazing results!

“Stressed at work? Suffering from sleeplessness at home? Forget the pills and hot baths… there’s a little machine that’s been developed that claims to make you feel better”, said the TV feature. The news item featured LifeTools’ managing director, Chris Payne, and two students at a London College who briefly tried the Alpha-Stim.

Nicola Meechin said the effect was “pretty positive” and Keiron Chhabra said: “It feels very relaxing. It’s got a nice, calming influence. I’ve been dashing around all afternoon, so it’s quite nice to feel the soothing effect.” The TV reporter, still sceptical, decided to try the unit for herself. She went along with the cameras to King’s College Hospital in London where she was hooked up to a computer to monitor her brain activity while she used the Alpha-Stim.

“I was very relaxed anyway, but when I put the Alpha-Stim on it was a different blissful feeling. I felt very relaxed, but did feel alert — able to concentrate on everything going on in the room. the professor agreed with me.”

“Yes”, said Professor Colin Binnie, “that would correspond with the EEG (encephalogram) appearance. There seemed to be a biological effect.”
Concluded the reporter: “In other words, it works, but he’s not sure why.”

“It’s speeding up what’s happening naturally”

Mr Guest from Cumbria contacted LifeTools recently and told us his amazing results with the Alpha-Stim SCS: “I had a cerebral haemorrhage about a year ago now and, as a result, I lost my eyesight and became blind. It really was devastating at the time. It took quite some time before my sight started to return, but gradually it did start to come back. It was a long, slow process.

Now, more than a year after it happened, my eyesight has come back almost completely, but I still experience difficulty in the comprehension of what I am seeing I can see what I am looking at but can’t clearly identify what it is. I decided to try the Alpha-Stim SCS after seeing it advertised and was amazed when I started using it. It seemed to really speed up my recovery at what seemed like twice the speed.

Now, I’ve been using the Alpha-Stim SCS every day for 20 minutes since December 1998 and it has really helped me. It seems to be stimulating the optic nerve and is creating new channels in my brain. I think it’s really helping to speed up what’s happening naturally. It’s definitely doing something because my comprehension is really improving in leaps and bounds.”

NB: these results are anecdotal, and no medical claims are expressed or implied.

The Sedona Method has now been superseded by a more powerful and effective method to gain freedom, the Effort Free acceptance

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