MindLab Procyon Customer Reviews

Happy customers…

We have only just started selling the MindLab Proteus after three years selling the MindLab Orion which the MindLab Proteus now replaces.

Here are some of the wonderful things customers have said about our products.

Recent customers have been delightfully surprised…

“I initially had problems letting go with my MindLab Orion. However yesterday I started a new job and at 10pm, after a particularly stressful day, I decided to go for Session 20: Deep Relaxation. I made the effort by turning off the room lights, removing the cats from the room and closing the door! Oh! Heaven! At some point in the session I could feel energy coursing through my body, but I don’t think I could have moved if I’d tried. I did not have a care in the world. I had vivid recall of the day’s events, and they all faded into insignificance and left me feeling great.” — Michael Killingback, Aberdeen

“It used to take me two hours to go to sleep before I got the Orion. Now, after a Goodnight session, I go straight to sleep, sleep soundly and wake up with a clear head.” — Mr J Crump, Salisbury

“I was the original sceptic! I’ve always been very sceptical. When I saw your ad I said, ‘Oh yeah, not another company that just wants my money.’ But I gave the MindLab a go. It’s unbelievable — it clears my mind of all the thoughts turning over and over. Within two minutes of putting the liteframes on I’m almost in a coma, I’m that relaxed. the MindLab suits me down to the ground. I just plug it in and I’m off. Deep Relaxation in the Mastermind Collection is my favourite session. I go right down into my boots with that one. You can use these quotes if it encourages others to give these devices a try.” — Mr TJ Pudney, Braintree, Essex (who bought his MindLab recently after first enquiring nearly a year ago).

“the MindLab is absolutely fantastic! I don’t know what I did before. the television hasn’t been on since I bought it. the more I use it the better it gets. It’s brilliant.” — Mrs D Fleet, Mouswald

“the MindLab has completely changed my life. the relaxation I get is unbelievable. It has entirely opened up the way I think. It has revolutionised everything. I’ve told loads of people.” — Mr S Barron, Great Yarmouth

“the managerial job I do is very stressful and I find it hard to just switch off from the day’s activities. But since buying a MindLab it’s so easy to relax these days. the lightshow is amazing!” — Mr N Rivett, Swanley

“I have recently purchased a MindLab. What a wonderful machine. I am still exploring it but am already more pleased than I could possibly have imagined.” — Mr T Metcalfe, France

“Meditation on a micro-chip!” — Mr SM Harris, Malvern Link

You deserve the best…we give the best!

Lifetools has  supplied thousands of mind machines to UK residents and to overseas customers too.
We’ve been featured on BBC1, Channel 4, Radio 4, Radio 5 and many local radio stations. We’ve also had coverage in many national newspapers and magazines.
But we would never have succeeded without our obsession for providing the very best service we possibly can.

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