Business Genius

Business Leadership Guidance Course


What if you could meet 24 people who could change your life for the better?

What if you could learn so much from them it could energise your life, business and future?

Imagine no more, it’s here, it is the Business Genius course from LifeTools.

John F Kennedy:  “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.”

One thing that stands out from highly successful business people and those, well, who work hard but struggle to get the achievement they want is CONSTANT INSPIRATION, a flux state of learning!


Many highly successful people pay a lot of money to go to seminars, events, teaching days and other events to listen to others speak and tell them how they succeed in their field.  You ask yourself why?

  1. Listening to people who inspire spurs you on to be an inspiration yourself.  It creates a dynamic energy and starts new ways of thinking.  Successful sports people still need to train and they are inspired by sports people in other fields.  Business is no different.  Successful business people still need to be inspired by others who are equally, or if not more successful in their field.
  2. Listen to people speak can often spark off new ideas, trigger thoughts or sow seeds of how you can create new products, sell yours for more, increase your profit, find new customers or any of those ways that helps your business grown and develop.

A fine example of this is when I went to America, with Chris, to a Dan Kennedy seminar event in Houston for 3 days.  We met lots of other business people attending who also wanted to get ideas to develop their business.  Everyone we met got inspiration and also found they could inspire others!  We even took ONE piece of information, applied it to our product range and marketing which doubled the profit of each campaign!  It was so simple, obvious but, until we had it ‘revealed’ to us, it wasn’t something we considered.  I always encourage others to get CONSTANT INSPIRATION as it inspires new ideas, strategies and opportunities.

  • Richard Branson (Virgin Creator/CEO), runs business leaders seminars and events where people get to network, meet, share and get inspired – and to inspire others.
  • Bill Gates was constantly meeting up with others, not just in his ‘business environment’ but in completely different industries and nationalities to get inspired, develop new ideas and develop different strategies – as well as give.

A plant does not grow from a seed in isolation.  It needs to be fed and nourished.  Its roots need to ‘branch out’ and absorb water and nutrients.  Its petals need the light and warmth from the sun.  It grows with other elements.  It leans towards the sunlight!

You need this too if you are going to grow.  If you try and do everything yourself, under your own steam; you will end up like the coal that rolls out of the fire onto the hearth, it gradually fades out and goes cold.  It has no source of energy to keep it going until it has served its purpose.  That can easily be you!

Mentors are good to keep you ‘on course’, coaches can share tips – but always from ‘their own perspective’.  Not ruling them out and they serve a purpose and can help.  However, what if there was another way?  A way of getting CONSTANT INSPIRATION?  A way of hearing from business leaders who all have ideas, tips, inspirational stories and strategies for growth which they will share with you.

A way that doesn’t involve you having to take the time out to travel to seminars and events, a way you can get the CONSTANT INSPIRATION at your own pace and in the privacy of your own home.

The way is here, with the Business Genius.  It is a 24 part course, with an interview with each business leader or inspiring person, it comes with a study guide and quiz and you can work through a different leader each month.  Get the most out of their ideas, strategies and see about applying it.  It is a monthly membership club and, along the way, new interviews will be made available to you!

Want to get inspired?!  Want to make a change to your business and life?  Why wait, you get monthly inspiration, club membership, private group access where you can network with others and, start to get your growth now.

Tell me more, now please!  [Who the speakers are, what subjects do they cover and how I can get my first month free]

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