Abundance for Life Deluxe Course

Turn your intentions into action in seconds

Below is what Pete Bissonette, President of Learning Strategies has to say about the Abundance for Life course

Plus! 8 more CDs including 7 meditations to nail fears that hinder abundance

You receive a special package called the Accelerator. This includes seven meditation sessions, six specifically addressing the six areas of fear that keep people in lack. Unless you address those fears, they automatically work to slow down breaking the trances of limitation. A question and answer CD stretches your mind beyond any limits you have been imposing.

You see others experience the same Abundance for Life processes in a TV documentary

You see them change right before your eyes.

You also receive a DVD with an in-depth program designed to help you get more from your course. We brought in a top-notch television production crew from England headed by a longtime PhotoReader who has worked on important projects for Universal Pictures and BBC Television. Over a one-week period his crew followed people through the process of learning Abundance for Life and produced a documentary called “Awakenings.” You can see where these people started their journey and how they transformed. If they can do it, so can you!

It took over four months – seven days a week – to turn 180 hours of film CD into this one-hour documentary. The DVD includes over two hours of special features. On one of the special features over 80 people who have learned Abundance for Life appear on-camera, one by one, to deliver supportive and empowering messages, similar to the experience you may have had with our Personal Celebration Series.

4 more CDs interviewing some of the brightest minds of our time

Because we want to give you every opportunity to increase your flow of health, wealth, and power, we created a special surprise for you. On these four CDs, authors and experts with whom Paul has collaborated through the years talk about their work and inspire you to greater heights. We hired one of the most renowned audio producers of all times, who has worked with Les Brown, Leo Buscaglia, Wayne Dyer, Harvey Mackay, Earl Nightingale, Norman Vincent Peale, Denis Waitley, and Zig Ziglar. We trained her in the learning philosophies and style of Learning Strategies, and together we frosted your cake of abundance.

You receive an in-depth course that takes away all of your excuses. The reasons you haven’t enjoyed the best life can offer melt away.

I believe there is no other wealth-making course so effective as Abundance for Life.

We have purchased and listened to many of them. Although they give outward strategies for budgeting, how to open your own business, how to invest your money, how to ask for a raise, how to get out of debt, how to buy real estate, seldom do the listeners succeed. Why? Because the courses never touch on what Paul has assembled for you-sound mental and spiritual principles that work in real life no matter your level of sophistication, education, or smarts. This works for everyone.

Your course is complete. It is practical. It even comes with the Seven-Day Results Supercharger Path in case you are impatient and want super-instant results. And this course will be a joy to you as you awaken and explore your new world of health, wealth, power, and abundance.

Again in brief:

Abundance for Life Deluxe Course

Everything in the Main Course, which includes:

  • 4 Prelude experiential CDs with one Paraliminal Session
  • 8 Main Course CDs with three Paraliminal Sessions containing exclusive information and processes to awaken abundance and power
  • A complete course manual
  • Success Coaching
  • Unlimited access to the online Discussion Forum


  • “Awakenings” DVD to motivate full action
  • 8 Accelerator CDs with meditations for longer-lasting results
  • 5 crucial follow-up emails crafted to fertilize high-level thinking
  • Four Additional CDs with the critical secrets to energize your trance breaking and wealth making

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